ICT for learning the host country's language by adult migrants in the EU

Leaflet Language learning and adult migrants: The Contribution of ICT to learning the host country language for inclusion


Study on the Netherlands and Sweden


Starting date: October 2009
Duration: 6 months

Objective: The study is expected to provide rich evidence and a better understanding of the use of ICTs in guided L2 learning by adult migrants in Europe, of its benefits and possibly shortcomings and of opportunities for future developments. This is expected to be done by looking at the overall policy and organisational context of L2 education and at specific initiatives of ICT use in two countries – the Netherlands and Sweden.

Description: For both the Netherland and Sweden, the study will:

  1. Provide an overview of immigration and policy context and L2 education system;
  2. Map ICT initiatives in L2 education;
  3. Analyse of drivers, barriers, results and impact of ICT use in L2 education and case study presentations;
  4. Explore the use of ICT by the adult migrant learners;
  5. Elaborate conclusions and policy implications;
  6. Disseminate research results in an expert workshop event.


04 May 2010: online validation workshop. IPTS organised an online working workshop with the aim to present the draft report of the study on the Netherlands and Sweden to a community of selected experts and policy-makers and to discuss the main research findings, policy-opportunities and future research needs that arose from the study.

For the workshop agenda, please click here. For the presentations made at the workshop, please see below:


01-02 October 2009: expert workshop. In parallel with the study, IPTS organised an expert workshop to better understand the state of the art of research on L2 education and the role of ICT.

For the workshop agenda, please click here. For the presentations made at the workshop, please see below:

Here you can find the conclusions of the workshop.


Dissemination Activities


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Project Leaders: Stefano Kluzer and Anusca Ferrari, anusca.ferrari(at)ec.europa.eu

Action Leader: Clara Centeno, clara.centeno(at)ec.europa.eu