ICTMOD Project

ICT-driven models of governance, public administration and democracy


Starting date: December 2005
Duration: 9 months

Objectives: The evolution of governance structures in Europe and the impact of new technologies point at new potential models in order for governments to contribute to growth, competitiveness, and social cohesion. This research looks at the potential role of ICT in driving or enabling such new models and will develop scenarios for eGovernment in 2020.

Description: The research started by cross-analyzing the functions of government and current technological trends, thereby defining seven hotspots of change:

  • transparency provoking change
  • changing the accountability paradigm
  • new forms of policing and law enforcement
  • changing the privacy paradigm
  • new countervailing powers
  • networked government
  • intelligent and responsive government

It then went on to put these hotspots in the context of future government scenarios, and it elaborated what new measurement models could be necessary. It finally derives the policy and research challenges.

Policy relevance


The Contractors are:

  • TNO
  • DTI

Dissemination activities

Related Events

  • Validation workshop: 1 December 2006, Brussels

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Project Leader: David Osimo
Action Leader: Clara Centeno, Clara.Centeno(at)ec.europa.eu