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A mapping framework of ICT-enabled innovation for learning



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In the context of SCALE CCR project, the term ICT-enabled innovation for learning refers to profoundly new ways of using and creating information and knowledge made possible by the use of ICT, dealing with both formal and informal learning in school settings and in adult education. Elaborating on existing classifications and models of innovation, we have come to adhere to a mapping framework of five components that address key perspectives that are relevant for the purpose of the SCALE CCR project. The aim of the proposed framework is twofold:

(i) to provide a further understanding of the nature of ICT-enabled innovation for learning; and
(ii) to map the impact of innovative initiatives using ICT in the Education and Training (E&T) context. 

The following figure represents an application of the mapping framework for analysing three cases of ICT-enabled innovation for learning from Europe (eTwinning; 1:1 Learning in Europe; and Hellerup School, Denmark) and four cases from Asia (Pilot Scheme on e-Learning, Hong Kong SAR; Knowledge Construction with Technology, Japan; Third Masterplan for ICT in Education, Singapore; and Digital Textbook project, South Korea). See more at the related JRC Scientific and Policy Report.



Project Leader: Yves Punie - Yves.Punie@ec.europa.eu

Project team: 

Panagiotis Kampylis - Panagiotis.Kampylis@ec.europa.eu

Barbara Brecko - Barbara.Brecko@ec.europa.eu

(with initial contributions from Stefania Bocconi, now at the Institute for Educational Technology, Italian National Research Council, bocconi@itd.cnr.it)