Up-Scaling Creative Classrooms in Europe (SCALE CCR)

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Journal and conference papers

  • Fostering innovative pedagogical practices through online networks: the case of eTwinning. (2013). Kampylis, P., Bocconi, S., & Punie, Y. In J. Valtanen, E. Berki, M. Ruohonen, J. Uhomoibhi, M. Ross & G. Staples (Eds.), INSPIRE XVII - Education matters (pp. 17-28). Tampere, Finland: School of Information Sciences of the University of Tampere and the British Computer Society
  • Innovating teaching and learning practices: Key Elements for Developing Creative Classrooms. (2012). S. Bocconi, P. Kampylis, Y. Punie.  eLearning Papers, 30 September 2012 (the article had more than 47.000 views between September 2012-September 2013). This publication was selected by the editorial board of eLearning Papers as one of the most noteworthy articles published in 2012 and it is included in the 4th Special Edition of eLearning Papers. To view and to download the Special Edition click here.


External references to SCALE CCR

  • April 22th, 2013, reference to SCALE CCR at TEDx Kibbutzim College of Education, Israel
    From the UK, Joel Josephson is an innovative educator who is involved in changing education for future with holistic education projects funded by the EC. In his presentation in the context of TEDx entitled The Creative Classroom, Joel Josephson referred to the SCALE CCR multidimensional concept as a complete model of education.
    • The TEDx talk can be found here
  • A post about SCALE CCR project was added at Microsoft Europe website (see more here)
  • The SCALE CCR multidimensional concept and reference parameters have been translated in Spanish and are used as tags for experiences of educational innovations in Spanish schools (see more here)



Project Leader 
Yves Punie - Yves.Punie@ec.europa.eu

Project team
Panagiotis Kampylis - Panagiotis.Kampylis@ec.europa.eu
Barbara Brečko - Barbara.Brecko@ec.europa.eu
(with initial contributions from Stefania Bocconi, now at the Italian Institute for Educational Technology, bocconi@itd.cnr.it)