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  • 25-26 March 2014, Invited speech at the VISIR International Seminar (Brussels)

The VISIR International Seminar  "e-Learning micro-innovation matters" gathered 15 representatives from the best VISIR cases as well as some other 40 relevant stakeholders, including the European Commission, the Committee of the Regions, the European Distance and elearning Network and the European Learning Industry Group. The main aim of the seminar was to discuss the issue of innovation scalability and mainstreaming, starting from real-life experiences, and to draw recommendations that should make education systems more receptive towards grassroots innovation. The organizers invited JRC-IPTS to deliver a speech on the policy recommendations for scaling up and mainstreaming ICT-enabled learning innovations with systemic impact.

Media & learning 2013 conference, which attracted this year 268 participants from 27 countries, was aimed at everyone concerned with the successful take up of innovative media-based practices at all levels of education. Aimed at both policy makers and practitioners, the purpose of this annual event was to identify policies and initiatives that promote digital and media competence at all levels of education and training as well as to promote best-practice in the take-up and application of media in education and training. The IPTS keynote speech presented the in-depth analysis of seven cases of ICT-enabled learning innovations in Europe and Asia with a particular focus on sustainability, scalability and systemic impact. Policy recommendations, which developed in the context of SCALE CCR project, for mainstreaming ICT-enabled learning innovations were also discussed.

  • 20 September 2013, Keynote speech at the European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning EC-TEL 2013 (Paphos, Cyprus)

The European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2013) is a unique setting for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers in Technology Enhanced Learning from Europe and other continents to meet together and exchange on the current challenges and advances in the field. The theme of EC-TEL 2013 was "Scaling up learning for sustained impact" and it took place in Paphos, Cyprus. The IPTS keynote speech presented the in-depth analysis of seven cases of ICT-enabled innovation for learning in Europe and Asia with a particular focus on sustainability, scalability and systemic impact. An ecological framework for effective policies and strategies to mainstream ICT-enabled innovation for learning, which developed in the context of SCALE CCR project, was also proposed.

The meeting of the Digital Competence Working Group of the European Schoolnet was organized in the premises of EUN in Brussels. JRC-IPTS the results of the "Overview and analysis of 1:1 computing initiatives for Education and Training in Europe (1:1Learning)" tendered study which is framed in the context of the SCALE CCR project. The presentation was based on the final report of the 1:1Learning, which has been published as JRC Scientific and Policy Report and also on a previous IPTS publications on the same topic (see below at Publications). The presentation was well received by all the participants and triggered a vivid discussion on issues about scalability, sustainability and systemic impact of ICT-enabled innovation in Europe.

  • 17 May 2013, Keynote speech at the CLEAR project Seminar on Creativity and Innovation. Challenges and new scenarios in Education and Training (Trento, Italy)

The seminar was organized in the context of the EU project named CLEAR - Creativity and innovation: pedagogical framework for the LEARning chain (http://www.clearcreativity.eu/project.html) funded under the ECET - European Cooperation in Education and Training framework. The seminar, organized by the Provincial Institute of Educational Research and Experimentation in Trento, Italy (www.iprase.tn.it) involved decision makers and stakeholders (head of E&T agencies) from the regional authority for Education and Training and from other public and private sectors who share responsibilities in the E&T field at regional /national level. The invited keynote speech presented the main results of the SCALE CCR project (including the multi-dimensional CCR model and the ICT-enabled innovation for learning framework) along with some existing cases of Creative Classrooms in Europe. Preliminary recommendations emerging from the online consultation with multiple stakeholders were also presented. The working language of the seminar was Italian.

  • 19 March 2013, Keynote speech at European Forum on Learning Futures and Innovation (Brussels, Belgium)

The European Forum on Learning Futures and Innovation was organised by the TEL-Map, ODS and VISIR projects with the support of the European Commission (FP7 and LLP). The main objectives of this two day event were to mainstream existing e-learning grassroots innovation practices and to increase awareness about opportunities for community building and roadmapping, to discuss and share e-learning perspectives and visions to foster innovation management, scalability and mainstreaming, and to provide intelligence in order to alert and inform e-learning stakeholders about developments, and trends that can affect their future plans.

The main aim of the Public Forum organized by CITE and the Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong, was to communicate to a wider audience the outcomes of the expert seminar on critical success conditions for scalable and sustainable educational innovations and the recommendations for policymakers, teachers, principals and other members of the community interested in the future of education developments and reform in Hong Kong and worldwide.

The public forum involved high level education experts and policy makers such as Professor Cheng Kai Ming, Co-Convenor of Strategic Research Theme on Science of Learning of HKU; Professor Nancy Law, Director of CITE and Associate Dean of Faculty of Education of HKU; Dr Gwang-Jo Kim, Director of UNESCO, BKK; Dr K K Chan, Deputy Secretary of Education Bureau of HKSAR; and Dr Yves Punie, Senior Scientist of JRC-IPTS. Professor Stephen Andrews officiated at the Public Forum. JRC-IPTS presentation entitled 'Learning innovations in Europe: Inputs from European Asian export seminar on up-scaling ICT-enabled innovations' and can be found here  (along with all the slide presentations and video recordings).
  • 14 November 2012, Keynote speech at EMINENT 2012 conference (Genova, Italy)

"EMINENT 2012 - Experts Meeting in Education Networking" is the annual conference organised by European Schoolnet. As well as providing participants with in-depth insights, EMINENT provides a unique opportunity, not only to explore what the school of 2025 might look like, but to define the policy roadmap that is needed in order to up-scale and mainstream innovative use of ICT in the future classroom. This year’s conference, organised in the context of the ABCD Education Fair, Italy’s leading event devoted to schools and education, aimed to explore how current trends in education and potential scenarios for the future classroom are likely to impact on the educational reform process.
More information on the EMINENT website http://www.eun.org/web/guest/eminent-2012 

    • JRC-IPTS keynote speech (in collaboration with Stefania Bocconi, Italian National Research Council, The Institute for Educational Technology) entitled “Scaling-up Creative Classrooms in Europe” presenting IPTS ongoing research in the context of SCALE CCR project.
  • 6 October 2012, Keynote speech in the 'e-Learning for All Conference' (Athens, Greece)

The "e-Learning for All" Conference organized by the University of Piraeus Research Center and ITisART Ltd in the context of the ElearningExpo (http://www.elearningexpo.gr), which is the biggest eLearning event in Greece bringing together industry, academia and practitioners. The aim of the conference was to highlight policies and modern approaches that concern the way e-learning for all philosophy has been applied into formal and informal learning settings in order to ensure people from all walks of life have access to high quality learning. More information on the e-Learning for all website

    • JRC-IPTS keynote speech entitled 'Scaling-up ICT-enabled innovation for learning: challenges and opportunities' presenting IPTS ongoing research in the context of SCALE CCR and TellNet project.

Presentations in conferences and symposia

  • 17 June 2013, Symposium in the context of the 10th International Conference on Computer Supported and Collaborative Learning (Madison , USA)

The 10th International Conference on Computer Supported and Collaborative Learning (CSCL 2011) took place at the University of Wisconsin in Madison http://www.isls.org/cscl2013. The IPTS presentation was part of a symposium entitled "Are CSCL and Learning Sciences research relevant to large-scale educational reform?", organised by Prof. Nancy Law and based on the IPTS tendered study LearnInnovAsia&Europe, covering case studies from Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Singapore, and on IPTS in-house research on European cases (eTwinning, 1:1 Learning, Hellerup School). Nancy Law and Yves Punie introduced the symposium, followed by presentations on the Asian and European cases. The forum was well attended (circa 60-70 people) and informal feedback from several participants was positive.

  • 30 November 2012, 8th Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum

The 8th Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/teachers/archive/2012/11/20/8th-partners-in-learning-global-forum-2012.aspx) is the yearly conference organized by Microsoft, attended by 600 people worldwide, from 64 different countries. Participants are teachers, school leaders, experts, policymakers and industry, showcasing innovative projects on using ICT in education. The forum "celebrates the world’s most innovative educators and school leaders. A selection of 200 projects competes for 18 Global Forum Educator awards. The Education Leaders Briefing (ELB), where the JRC-IPTS presentation was framed (http://elbprague.org/program) is a specific strand in the conference, bringing experts, policy makes and industry representatives. It discussed amongst others, the ITL research (Innovative Teaching and Learning) and its rubric that is used by the judges to evaluate the innovative projects on the way they address 21st century skills. JRC-IPTS presentation on SCALE CCR, presenting the Mapping Framework of ICT-enabled innovation for learning as well as the multidimensional concept of CCR and 28 reference parameters, received quite a lot of interest, and the paper we have published in the eLearning papers was added the ELB conference site. A post about SCALE CCR project was also added at Microsoft Europe website (see more at http://www.microsoft.eu/skills-and-education/posts/innovating-teaching-and-learning-practices-developing-creative-classrooms-in-europe.aspx).

  • 1 October 2012, InSuEdu 2012 (Thessaloniki, Greece)

The 1st International Symposium on Innovation and Sustainability in Education (InSuEdu 2012) was hosted by the City College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield in the context of the 10th International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods. The symposium aimed to bring together educators, researchers and policy-makers for investigating innovative and sustainable models, methodologies and tools for any level of education. More information on the InSuEdu 2012 website.  

  • 5-7 September 2012, EFQUEL Innovation Forum (Granada, Spain)

The EFQUEL Innovation Forum (EIF) 2012, organised by EFQUEL and the University of Granada, aimed at observing and analysing how open innovation can be used to transform today’s educational institutions. JRC-IPTS presentation focused both on the nature of educational innovation using ICT and the systemic approach needed for the sustainable implementation and progressive up-taking through Creative Classrooms of ICT-enabled innovation in Education and Training across Europe. More information on the Conference website.

  • 21-23 August 2012, SQM / INSPIRE 2012 Conference (Tampere, Finland)

The 17th INSPIRE conference, organized by the British Computer Society and the University of Tampere, addressed process improvement (PI) issues related to European and international teaching, training and research. JRC-IPTS presentation (and related article to be published in the conference proceedings) focused on the role of teachers' collaboration networks in fostering ICT-enabled innovation for learning at system level. Results from the analysis of a case of Creative Classrooms in Europe were also discussed, showing how networks like eTwinning can help to accelerate educational change and to diffuse pedagogical innovation at system level. More information on the conference website.

Presentations in Newsletters

  • 22 March 2013, Presentation of JRC-IPTS ongoing research in the context of SCALE CCR in 'ICT in Education Announcement' e-Newsletter of UNESCO Bangkok

The ICT in Education Announcement e-Newsletter is published monthly by UNESCO Bangkok. It informs more than 7,000 subscribers on the latest "ICT in Education" news in the Asia-Pacific region and on useful projects and resources for policy makers, educators and researchers in the field. In The e-Newsletter of 22nd of March 2013, the JRC-IPTS study “Overview and analysis of one-to-one computing initiatives for Education and Training in Europe” (1to1Learning), one of the case studies that analysed within the context of SCALE CCR as well as the Mapping framework of ICT-enabled innovation for learning, was presented.  

    • The JRC-IPTS contribution in the ICT in Education Announcement e-Newsletter of 22nd of March 2013 can be found here
  • June 2012, Presentation of JRC-IPTS ongoing research in the context of SCALE CCR in JRC-IPTS Information Society Unity Newsletter

The IS News - The Information Society Newsletter is a bi-annual publication of the JRC-IPTS IS Unit intended to provide information on the Unit’s research activities, events and latest publications. IS News - The Information Society Newsletter is sent to over 2300 subscribers and can be found at http://is.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pages/newsletter.html

Other dissemination activities

  • 18 December 2012, webinar of eTwinning "Creative Classroom" Group

A webinar took place on 18 December 2012, as part of the activities carried out by the eTwinning Creative Classroom Group, where JRC-IPTS presented key findings from the SCALE CCR project to around 30 eTwinning teachers. JRC-IPTS presentation focused on innovative pedagogical practices made possible by the use of ICT and the role of teachers as change agents.  

  • 11 October 2012, Interview in the 'eLearning papers'

eLearning papers is the digital publication of the Open Education Europa, which is an initiative of the European Commission to promote the use of multimedia technologies and Internet at the service of education and training. The interview with Stefania Bocconi and Panagiotis Kampylis refers to the SCALE CCR project answering mainly the question "What are ‘Creative Classrooms’ and how can they be successfully implemented?"


Project Leader
Yves Punie - Yves.Punie@ec.europa.eu

Project team
Panagiotis Kampylis - Panagiotis.Kampylis@ec.europa.eu
Barbara Brečko - Barbara.Brecko@ec.europa.eu
(with initial contributions from Stefania Bocconi, now at the Italian Institute for Educational Technology, bocconi@itd.cnr.it)