Up-Scaling Creative Classrooms in Europe (SCALE CCR)

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Policy support activities and consultations
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During the SCALE CCR project lifetime, an extensive dialogue was established with more than 300 educational stakeholders, involving policy and decision makers, researchers, industry representatives and practitioners:

  • 149 educational stakeholders from 22 European and other non-European countries in the online consultation for validating a set of policy recommendations for mainstreaming ICT-enabled learning innovation (March-April 2013)
  • 20 experts from Asia and Europe in the Asia-Europe expert seminar in Hong-Kong SAR (January 2013)
  • 25 experts from Europe and Asia in the SCALEC CCR expert workshop in Seville (December 2012)
  • 51 teachers in two SCALE CCR workshops during the eTwinning annual conference in Berlin (March 2012)
  • 74 teachers from 20 European countries on eTwinning Creative Classroom Group learning event and online survey (February-March 2012)

Last but not least, there was a continuous consultation with stakeholders in DG EAC and the approximately 40 members of the DG EAC Thematic Working Group on ICT and Education. Details on these policy support activities and consultations can be found below.


Policy support activities

Scoping workshop on "Up-scaling Creative Classrooms in Europe" (JRC-IPTS / DG EAC, Brussels, Belgium)
2 February 2012

The objectives of this scoping workshop were to share and discuss with stakeholders in DG  EAC the overall approach of the JRC-IPTS project on “Up-scaling Creative Classrooms in Europe” (SCALE CCR) and to further develop key specifications for the project.

Directorate- General for Education and Culture (DG EAC), Thematic Working Group (TWG) on "ICT and Education"



Online consultations

Open online consultation for developing the final set of policy recommendations for mainstreaming ICT-enabled innovation in Education and Training context - 25 March-15 April 2013

A number of policy recommendations for developing and meanstreaming ICT-enabled innovation for learning in Europe has been formulated through extensive consultation with stakeholders, semi-structured interviews with education experts and practitioners and through a number of case reports of ongoing ICT-enabled innovation in Europe and Asia. The final set of policy recommendations was developed through an open online consultation between 25 March and 15 April 2013.  Approximately 150 educational stakeholders (policy makers at EU, national, regional and local level,  researchers, decision makers, teachers, parents, students, technology providers/developers, industry representatives etc.) joined the online consultation process and shared their views. The results of this online consultation have been published in a JRC Scientific and Policy Report

27 February – 9 March 2012, eTwinning "Creative Classroom" Group learning event and online survey

An eTwinning two-week long online learning event was organised in March 2012 as part of the activities carried out by the eTwinning "Creative Classroom" Group. As part of the consultation process, JRC-IPTS presented the SCALE CCR project and Creative Classrooms conceptualisation and distributed two online and anonymous questionnaires to the 98 teachers who took actively part to this online event. 74 teachers from 20 EU countries replied to the initial questionnaire and 51 also completed the final questionnaire. The preliminary results of the online survey were presented in the SQM / INSPIRE 2012 Conferences (21-23 August, 2012, Tampere, Finland) and published in the conference proceedings. More information on the eTwinining Creative Classroom group website.

  • JRC-IPTS presentation at the online learning event: "eTwinning and the Creative Classrooms"


22-23 January 2013: Scaling-up ICT-enabled innovation for learning: Asia – Europe expert seminar (Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR)

The high level seminar gathered together about 20 international experts from Asia and Europe to discuss and further understand differences and commonalities between Asian and European cases of innovation for learning with significant scale and/or impact at system level and to draw a set of policy recommendations for educational policy makers, stakeholders and practitioners for their further development and mainstreaming. For more details on the programme, see the expert seminar agenda. JRC-IPTS Presentations:

12-13 December 2012: Scaling-up ICT-enabled innovation for learning: Inputs from Asia and Europe. Experts workshop (Seville, Spain) The workshop gathered together about 25 international experts and practitioners from Europe and Asia to discuss the main results from the in-depth analysis of implementation strategies of existing ICT-enabled innovation for learning and propose further steps and policy recommendations for their development and mainstreaming. For more details on the programme, see the workshop agendaPresentations included:

30-31 March 2012, eTwinning Annual Conference (Berlin, Germany)
The eTwinning Annual Conference 2012 brought together nearly 500 participants from across Europe, including eTwinning teachers, international experts and representatives from the European Commission and the Central and National Support Services. eTwinning is the European Commission funded teachers networking platform involving more than 200,000 teachers in 33 European countries. JRC-IPTS conducted two foresight workshops with teachers from all over Europe to complement and validate the preliminary findings of the SCALE CCR project. The first workshop session focused on the key challenges for the implementation of Creative Classrooms practices, whereas the second session discussed key recommendations for scaling up eTwinning characteristics related to CCR. More information can be found at the conference website.


Project Leader
Yves Punie - Yves.Punie@ec.europa.eu

Project team
Panagiotis Kampylis - Panagiotis.Kampylis@ec.europa.eu
Barbara Brečko - Barbara.Brecko@ec.europa.eu
(with initial contributions from Stefania Bocconi, now at the Italian Institute for Educational Technology, bocconi@itd.cnr.it)