Starting date: January 2006
Duration: 24 months

Objective: This study aims to coordinate the creation of national eGovernment RTD programmes and initiatives and to stimulate the integration of existing national eGovernment RTD programmes.

Description: The e-Applications team is analyzing the state of the art of eGovernment research programmes in Europe, in order to make possible the definition of a common framework of eGovernment in the European Research Area.

Policy relevance


  • VINNOVA - Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, Sweden
  • Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ASCR), The Czech republic
  • Research Council of Norway (RCN), Norway
  • Slovenian Ministry of Higher Education (SLOMIS), Slovenia
  • Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration (MNII/MSWiA), Poland
  • Information Society Development Committee, Govt. Lithuania (ISDC), Lithuania.
  • Information Society Policy Division, Dept of the Taoiseach (DEPTAO), Ireland
  • Centro Nazionale per l'Informatica nella P.A. (CNIPA), Italy

Dissemination activities

Related Events

  • 19 September 2007, Lisbon: Workshop on 'eGovernment RTD for Services, Participation and Transparency, Social Impact and Cohesion'.
  • 11 April 2007, Prague: Workshop on ' eGovernment Research – Visions and Policies: From scenarios to a roadmap, new programmes, instruments and evaluation'.
  • 24 October 2006, Barcelona: Workshop on 'Beginning a Framework for eGovernment Research'

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Related links

  • eGOVERNET project web site: here


Project Leader: David Osimo