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ICT for independent living and elderly care at home

Dissemination Events:



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27 November 2012: Policy dissemination workshop: Contribution of ICT for informal carers to long-term care: results of the CARICT study (IPTS, Sevilla, Spain)

This workshop shared among policy and expert stakeholders the main findings of the project 'ICT for caregivers and other social actors: enhancing the sustainability of long-term care and social support' (CARICT). It also got their inputs on policy implications, how to boost the use and development of these technological services in Europe, and relevant future research paths.


List of Participants:

10-11 November 2011: IPTS and INFSO/C4 - 4 'Major Findings' Sessions ... the framework of the IRIS (Intelligence and Research for the Information Society in Europe) Framework Agreement between DG Information Society and Media, Directorate C (DG INFSO/C) and DG Joint Research Centre, IPTS (JRC-IPTS). The objective of the presentation on "Evidence on ICT and social innovation in support of domiciliary carers of elderly people: challenges and opportunities for impact assessment" was to illustrate how ICT based initiatives (solutions, services, projects) are enabling or promoting social innovation to support carers across Europe discussing the opportunities and challenges to put them at work.

3-5 November 2010: Conference on Sustainable Ageing: ICT for the care of the elderly (Granada, Spain)

The main objective of this conference was bringing together researchers, authorities, business and civil society organizations from countries around the world, to define strategies and priorities within the framework of sustainable aging and ICT to elderly care. The conference examined the problems that prevent the introduction of services and ICT systems, and prospects for sustainable development. In addition, it presented the latest in technologically advanced systems and services to elderly care, and addressed the need for the implementation of e-health for older people with chronic diseases. IPTS gave a presentation on "The potential of ICT for supporting caregivers of elderly people", which is based on the findings of an exploratory study into the use of ICT by caregivers involved in Long-term Care in four European countries (UK, DE, ES, IT). More information also on the conference website.


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