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The aim of the exploratory study was to better understand:

  • what are the industrial, market, social opportunities and limitations of Digital Games for users' empowerment and as a tool for socio-economic inclusion of people at risk of exclusion (such as youth at risk, migrants, elderly, unemployed, low-educated);
  • what are the technological, market, implementation, adoption and policy challenges of creating this potential and if and how policy actions could address the challenges identified.


The research included the following activities:

1. Analysis of the State of Play of Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion

This analysis will specifically look at exploring the supply side, including various typologies of digital games, technological platforms; current knowledge of market diffusion and adoption; the state of the art of research and existing practice, as well as identifying the key actors involved in the domain. The goal of this analysis will be to define key (technological, research, policy, industry/market, social, economic) opportunities and challenges of putting Digital Games at the service of empowerment and social inclusion purposes, and to gather evidence of impact in this domain.

Project leaflet

2. Vision Development

Building on the consolidated version of the Report of the State of Play, on the opportunities and key challenges identified, through a consultation process among EC policy officers, a common vision of the possible future application of Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion will be defined.

3. Development of a Roadmap for Action through Stakeholders' Consultation A multi-stakeholders consultation will be organized to enable a broader dialogue and engage stakeholders, validate the vision defined, identify stakeholders actions and build consensus on possible EC research and policy options to support the vision.

This study is co-funded by the Information Society Unit of the JRC-IPTS and DG INFSO ICT for Inclusion Unit. The JRC-IPTS conducts the study in collaboration with selected external experts in the domain of Digital Games and ICT for Social Inclusion





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