ICT and Youth at Risk of Social Exclusion

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Past Projects

  • ICTs and Youth at Risk of Social Exclusion (11.2009 - 2011) 
    Young people at risk of social exclusion are a priority target of EU social and eInclusion policies. This clearly reflects a concern that digital and social marginalisation might be critically exacerbating each other, what has, in today’s society, greater implications for younger generation. But it also reflects the increasing awareness of an ample range of opportunities for inclusion opened up in the digital world.  Statistical data shows that an overwhelming majority of the European young people is online, what is generating an increasing number of ICT-related empowering strategies and services, aimed  for example at enhancing young people’s employability in today’s turbulent job market.  The IPTS studies in these areas represent a first step in better understanding how this situation is evolving. We are currently developing three interrelated studies:

    • Mapping and assessing the impact of ICT-based initiatives for the socio-economic inclusion of youth at risk of exclusion:
      What works, and what doesn't, in the highly innovative but fragmented field of ICT-based initiatives targeting social exclusion, a fabulous European policy laboratory. (2010)
    • Survey Study on Youth Living in Three European Poor Urban Areas:
      Opening up the black box of what's going on with youth and ICTs in deprived European areas. Are those young people with higher personal and professional aspirations taking full advantage of ICTs? Is then the Internet an instrument of hope for youth at risk? (2010)

IPTS has produced an overview map on the "Review of the State of the Art on ICT and Youth at risk of social exclusion", which includes European policy initiatives, international researches, publications, training initiatives and social inclusion projects. This is a work in progress map and will be updated regularly.

Expert Workshop on "The Paradoxes of ICTs and Social Inclusion: Do ICTs increase Opportunities for Young People at Risk?". 1-2 December 2010, Brussels.
As part of IPTS' e-Inclusion research activities, this workshop presented and discussed the state of the art on the topic of youth at risk and ICTs. IPTS presented the first results of its studies on the topic, developed by Arcola Research and the Tavistock Institute.

For more information, please visit the workshop page.



Dissemination Events:

  • 10-11 November 2011: IPTS and INFSO/C4 - 4 'Major Findings' Sessions in the framework of the IRIS (Intelligence and Research for the Information Society in Europe) Framework Agreement between DG Information Society and Media, Directorate C (DG INFSO/C) and DG Joint Research Centre, IPTS (JRC-IPTS). The objective of the presentation "From Digital literacy to socio-economic inclusion: the case of youth at risk and migrants" was to illustrate through anecdotal evidence that (standard) digital literacy in isolation is not sufficient to empower marginalised people or at risk of exclusion and support their socio-economic inclusion / mobility by tackling their specific barriers.



Project Leader

Clara Centeno

Project Team

Cristina Torrecillas