ICT and Youth at Risk of Social Exclusion

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ICTs and Youth at Risk of Social Exclusion (11.2009 - 2011)

Expert Workshop on "The Paradoxes of ICTs and Social Inclusion: Do ICTs increase Opportunities for Young People at Risk?" 1-2 December 2010, Brussels.

As part of IPTS' e-Inclusion research activities, this workshop presented and discussed the state of the art on the topic of youth at risk and ICTs. IPTS presented the first results of its studies on the topic, developed by Arcola Research and the Tavistock Institute.

The focus of the first day of the workshop was on the discussion of the policy context and several studies on youth, youth at risk and ICTs, exploring the many methodological challenges that this area of research entails. On the second day the characteristics and impact assessment strategies of ICT-based policies and initiatives for inclusion of young people were discussed. For more details, see the agenda, participants list and

Contact: Clara Centeno


DAY 1: The Analysis of Youth at Risk and ICTs: State of the Art and Current Challenges

Welcome and Introduction

Youth at Risk & ICT: Policy and Research Challenges

Socio-demographic Analyses of Youth and ICTs: State of the Art

Youth at Risk and Online Practices

Survey on Youth at Risk and ICTs in Urban Deprived Areas


DAY 2: Policies and ICT-based Initiatives on Youth at Risk: Characteristics and Impact Assessment


Impact Assessment of ICT- driven initiatives for Youth at Risk

Presentation of ICT-Based Initiatives