eLFUT Project

Learning spaces in 2020: Future learning in the Knowledge-based Society (KBS) in Europe enabled by Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Starting date: October 2006
Duration: 9 months

Objective: This study aims to refine and validate trends and drivers for future learning and a vision of future learning that is based on the potential of ICT but also on requirements for future learning in the Knowledge-based Society. It also aims to identify what needs to be done to realise such a vision of future learning.

Description: The study “Learning spaces in 2020: Future learning in the Knowledge-based Society in Europe enabled by ICT” envisages to (1) validate and complete the drivers and learning spaces vision developed in the IPTS EUR22218 report, via desk research and (2) a workshop; (3) develop illustrative scenarios and (4) identify bottlenecks, enablers and policy options for realising learning spaces.

Policy relevance

The study starts from the 2010 Lisbon objectives and the Education and Training 2010 programme which acknowledge that a fundamental transformation of education and training (E&T) throughout Europe is needed to adapt them to the requirements of the knowledge society. There is growing awareness in Europe that a new vision of “ICT and learning” is needed that takes into account the shifts and trends that are transforming the way people work, learn, make sense of their world and have fun in a digitalized, networked and knowledge-based society. Such a vision would support policymakers to better envisage and anticipate future learning needs and requirements in contrast with an adaptive strategy whereby reactions to new requirements are only made as they arise. This would mean that it is necessary to look beyond the 2010 Lisbon objectives for education and training.


  • Danish Technological Institute in collaboration with XperidoX Futures Consulting

Dissemination activities

Related Events

  • 2007: EDEN 2007 Annual Conference on New Learning 2.0 held in Naples, Italy on 13-17 June. IPTS made a presentation 'A Vision for Future Learning with ICT and Web2.0' (here).
  • 2007: Learning Spaces expert Workshop, to be held in Paris, 12-13 February 2007
  • 2007: Active Ageing: ICT for Learning, Expert Workshop to be held at DG JRC IPTS, Seville, 26-27 February

Related Publications

  • Punie, Y. & Ala-Mutka, K. (2007) 'Future Learning Spaces: new ways of learning and new digital skills to learn.' Article published in Digital Kompetanse, 4-2007, Vol. 2, side 210-225
  • Punie, Y. (2007) 'Learning Spaces: an ICT-enabled model of future learning in the knowledge-based society', Article published in the European Journal of Education, 2007, Vol. 2, No. 7, 185-199
  • Punie, Y. & Cabrero, M., (2006) The Future of ICT and Learning in the Knowledge Society. Report on a Joint DG JRC/IPTS-DG EAC Workshop held in Sevilla, 20-21 October 2005, DG JRC-IPTS, European Communities, March 2006, EUR 22218 EN.
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Project Leaders: Yves Punie, Yves.Punie(at)ec.europa.eu and Kirsti Ala-Mutka