Learning & Skills


Research on ICT for Learning, Skills and Open Education

IPTS research on “ICT for Learning” started in 2005 with the aim to provide evidence-based policy support to DG EAC and Europe 2020 on harnessing the potential of ICT to innovate education and training practices, improve access to lifelong learning and to deal with the rise of new (digital) skills and competences needed for employment, personal development and social inclusion.  

The range of technologies has changed significantly since 2005 but the search for relevant and reliable evidence on the use, potential and impact of ICT for learning remains high on the agenda. This is confirmed in the recent EC Communication on Opening up Education: Innovative teaching and learning for all through new Technologies and Open Educational Resources.

Current IPTS research on “ICT for Learning, Skills and Open Education” is structured around four main interrelated research strands, across all educational sectors:

    1. Open Education and OER (OEREU; OpenEdu, including MOOCKnowledge and OpenCred; OpenCases; Science 2.0)
    2. Innovating Learning and Teaching (NMSeL; LEARNCOM; Learning & Ageing Society; Learning 2.0; 1:1 Learning; TeLLNet; SCALE CCR)
    3. Key Competences and 21st century skills (ICEAC; COMPASS; DIGCOMP)
    4. Future of Learning (eLFut; FutLearn; MATEL; Horizon Report Europe)


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