PHS Project

Personal Health Systems, at the edge of a social revolution in Healthcare?


Starting date: 1st semester 2007
Duration: 12 months


  • General objective:

To describe foresight scenarios from socio-economic, cultural, technological, and organisational dimensions of the introduction of PHS in European Healthcare Systems.

  • Specific objectives:
    1. To understand the implications of PHS on technical, cultural, training and organisational issues.
    2. To analyse the impacts of the PHS introduction into European Healthcare Systems.
    3. To depict potential scenarios of European Socio-Healthcare Systems under PHS influences.

Description: PHS empower citizens to become actively involved in healthcare processes, encourage preventive healthier lifestyles, enable early diagnosis, facilitate a personalised provision of care, while offering an effective way to contain ever rising healthcare costs. Understanding how these new systems are going to work into traditional Healthcare Systems, and their future implications for technical, cultural, training and organisational issues, are the two main objectives driving this study.

Policy relevance:

Personal Health Systems is one of the identified key challenges addressed by the 7th Framework Programme.
The European Socio-healthcare Systems are evolving in an environment of an ageing population, enhanced information accessibility, constant rising costs, technological advance and structural reforms with staff implications. Current trends highlighting an empowered patient and a fully health-responsible citizen, suggest that PHS will have a tremendous impact in future Socio-Healthcare Systems.

Dissemination activities:

Related Events:

  • Personal Health Systems 2007 Conference. Brussels, 12-13 February 2007.

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Project Leader: Marcelino Cabrera