ICT for an Inclusive Information Society and Quality of life

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In the context of a framework of collaboration with the DG INFSO Dir H ICT for Inclusion Unit, the e-Applications team will provide specific policy support activities within the context, themes and objectives of the eInclusion Ministerial Riga Declaration of June 2006, including a Communication on eInclusion in 2007, a consultation process, an Impact Assessment, and the preparation of a strategy for the eInclusion initiative in 2008. Foreseen activities include: (a) based on recent research results at IPTS, contributing with interactive support activities (working papers, presentations) to an eInclusion vision building exercise and further consultation process; contributing to the conceptual definition of an Observatory on eInclusion for policy support; and, (b) launching research on the role of social capital and ICTs in social inclusion.

eHealth and Active Ageing

The e-Applications team will continue its policy support activities in the area of ICT for Health and Quality of Life. In particular, it will launch research on the potential socio-economic impact of future models of healthcare. The e-Applications team will also continue last year's efforts to contribute to a more user-centric concept of Independent Living in the context of an ageing society through an industry expert consultation process to identify the key challenges and potential policy options in realising the potential of today´s ICT-based products and services and through the exploration of future user needs for ICT-based applications, using a mix of research tools, such as scenario-building techniques.

Main client: DG INFSO
Under the Area: e-Applications
Head of Area: Clara Centeno


Related Projects:

Future Projects

  • Study on the role of Social Capital and Communities in eInclusion

Completed Projects:

  • ILS: The Future of Independent Living Services (ILS) in the EU for the Ageing Society. This project seeks to gauge the demand for Independent Living Services (ILS) in Europe's ageing society.

  • NMSeGH: Next steps in developing IS Services in the New Member States: eGovernement and eHealth
    This research will develop an assessment of the eGovernment and eHealth developments in each New Member State, the specific drivers and barriers, and derive the relevant conclusions in terms of policy and research at national and EU level.
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  • eHCARE: ICT-enabled new models of health care
    The objective of the study is the assessment of the potential impact of new ICT-enabled models of healthcare through the identification, assessment and extrapolation of social, economic, and cultural impact and transformational dynamics associated with this future evolution.
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  • PHS: Personal Health Systems
    The objective of the study is to describe foresight scenarios from socio-economic, cultural, technological, and organisational dimensions of the introduction of PHS in European Healthcare Systems.
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Dissemination activities:

Related Events:

  • 2007: International Conference 'Social Inclusion and Healthcare Provision in European Regions', organised by the ENRICH Network and Regione Umbria, held in Perugia, Italy on 30 November. The key presentation at the plenary, 'Social Computing for Health in an Ageing Context' can be found here.
  • 2007: 3rd Silver Economy Conference 2007, 15-16 November 2007, Sevilla, Spain - proceedings 'Ageing Societies, Learning and ICT'' (here)
  • 2007: 'Potential Impact of Social Computing (Web 2.0) on eHealth' - plenary presentation made at the 4th IAVANTE International Symposium:' Improving Health through Education' held at the Advanced Multifunctional Centre for Simulation and Technological Innovation (CMAT) in the Health Sciences Technology Park in Granada, Spain on 22-23 October. The presentation can be found here.
  • 2006: IPTS organized two sessions in the eHealth 2006 High Level Conference, Malaga, 10-12 May 2006
    • SPECIAL WORKSHOP: "eHealth in an Enlarged Europe: A universe of opportunities" 10 May 2006
    • THEMATIC SESSION: "Future Strategies and Policies: Europe´s Ageing Society", 12 May 2006
      More on those two sessions...
  • 2005: Workshop on "User Needs in ICT Research for Independent Living, with a Focus on Health Aspects" on 24-25 November 2005, Brussels.
    More on this workshop...
  • 2003: eHealth in 2010. Meeting the Lisbon objectives with Ambient Intelligence Technologies? - Vision building and research roadmapping.
    More on this workshop...

Related Publications:

  • 2007: Article 'Ageing Societies, Learning and ICT'published in 'European Networking and Learning for the Future: The EuroPACE Approach', A Boonen and W Van Petegem (eds), Garant Antwerp, November 2007. Also published in eLearning Papers, No 6, November 2007 and available at: http://www.elearningpapers.eu/index/php?page=doc&doc_id=10636&doclng=6
  • Final Report and Executive Summary: eHealth in 2010. Realising a Knowledge-based Approach to Healthcare in the EU
  • 2004: Special Issue of the IPTS Report on eHealth (Issue 81 - February 2004). Articles: Together with the two main policy drivers, i.e. the Lisbon strategy objectives, and the EU enlargement process, one key driver for IST policy is that of the emerging Ambient Intelligence (AmI) paradigm. IPTS has carried out a series of prospective projects which address the technical, and socio-economic implications of the development of eHealth in the context of an ageing society.