IRIS - Intelligence and Research for the Information Society in Europe


A Framework Agreement for Cooperation between DG Information Society and Media, Directorate C (DG INFSO/C) and DG Joint Research Centre, IPTS (JRC-IPTS), for annual coordination and prioritisation of the topics of techno-economic research and analyses that support the strategic policy work of DG INFSO.

For more information see the Framework Agreement.


This agreement also strengthens existing communication channels through two seminars per year:

Seminars under the IRIS Framework Agreement
Seville, 27 June "Strategic planning for 2015-2016
Seville, 17 June "Strategic planning for 2014 and beyond" Workshop
Brussels, 12-13 November 4 'Major Findings' Session
Seville, 4 June "Strategic planning for 2013 and Horizon2020" Workshop
Brussels, 10-11 November 4 Major Findings' Session
Seville, 23 May "Strategic planning for 2012 and beyond" Workshop
Brussels, 9-10 November 4 'Major Findings' Sessions
Seville, 7-8 June "Strategic planning for 2011 and beyond" Workshop
Brussels, 12-13 November Two "Major Findings" Workshops on Socio-economic implications of Digital Identity and Social Computing
Seville, 1 July "Forward Planning" Seminar

Agendas, presentations and minutes of each seminar are available below.


As a result of the IRIS Strategic Planning Seminars, which take place every year in Spring, it was commonly agreed to develop in close collaboration between DG INFSO and JRC-IPTS the following priority projects:

Directorate Project End date
IPTS work for DG INFSO (2009)    
DG INFSO - C2 PREDICT (2008-2010) 30/04/2011
DG INFSO - H1 SIMPHS - 2009 (Personal Health Systems) - Phase 1 01/03/2010
DG INFSO - C1 Survey on Digital identities 2010
IPTS work for DG INFSO (2010)
DG INFSO - H1 SIMPHS - 2010 (Personal Health Systems) - Phase 2 01/03/2011
DG INFSO - H3 Inclusion Strategic Support 2020 - II 2012
DG INFSO - A3 eID Compass 2012
DG INFSO - C2 EIPE (European Poles of Excellences) 2013
IPTS work for DG INFSO (2011)    
DG INFSO - C4 Quantifying barriers to the Digital Single Market  
IPTS work for DG INFSO (planned for 2012)
DG INFSO - A3 eID Compass - Continuation  
DG INFSO - H1 SIMPHS - 2012 (Personal Health Systems) - Phase 3  
DG INFSO - H3 Measuring the impact of eInclusion actors on Digital Literacy, Skills and Inclusion goals  
DG INFSO - H3 Digital Games for empowerment and Inclusion  


Related documents & presentations:

  • "Strategic planning for 2014 - 2016" Workshop - Seville, 17 June 2013
  • Two 'Major Findings' Workshops on Socio-economic implications of Digital Identity and Social Computing - Brussels, 12-13 November 2009

           Socio-economic implications of Social Computing (13 November):

  • "Forward Planning" Seminar - Seville, 1 July 2009
      For the Minutes click here.



Head of Unit: Ioannis Maghiros

Communications Officer: Norma Rivero