BREAD Project

BRoadband in Europe for All: a multi-Disciplinary approach


Starting date: 1 January 2004
Duration: 36 months

Objectives: The BREAD co-ordination action aimed at developing a multi-disciplinary approach for the realisation of the 'broadband for all' concept within Europe.

Description: BREAD is a Coordination Action under the EU Framework Programme 6 dedicated under the objectives "Broadband for all". Eight partners, from academia, research institutes and consultants, spread across Belgium, UK, Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland and Spain are involved. As a co-ordination action the project brought together all players active in the field of the end-to-end broadband provisioning for all. It performed a multi-technological analysis of the current and evolving situation taking as a starting base all the roadmap information generated by different IST instruments and projects focusing on specific technological domains. The BREAD consortium studied at the same time the techno-economic, societal and regulatory aspects of this "broadband for all" concept. It tried to identify the impact of the EU regulatory framework on the successful implementation of new broadband communication services. The study also included regional "success stories" of actual deployment and the influence of government stimulus for accelerating the early rollout of broadband services. Societal aspects of introducing broadband access and sustainable economic business models for this were taken into account.

At the same time an IST co-ordination and information exchange platform has been set up by the BREAD consortium to enhance the interaction between the key players in the field and to invoke discussions on this multi-disciplinary approach. The BREAD cluster thus supports the creation of the European Research Area (ERA) through the stimulation of the interaction of EU national initiatives and projects.


  • IMEC/INTEC Department at Ghent University (B)
  • Electronic Systems Engineering Department of the University of Essex ( UK)
  • Research Center COM (DK)
  • Communications & Electronics Department at the GET/TELECOM PARIS-Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (F)
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (D)
  • JCP-Consult Sarl (F)
  • Telscom Comsulting (CH)


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  • Broadband Europe annual conferences; Broadband Europe 2006 takes places from 11-14 December 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland

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Project Leader: Martin Ulbrich
Action Leader: Marc.Bogdanowicz(at)