The new European display industry -
opportunities in OLEDs and electronic paper


This study is part of the COMPLETE Project (2007-2010) whose aim is to analyse the future competitiveness of the EU ICT sector in emerging ICT technologies. COMPLETE is co-financed by JRC-IPTS and the ENTREPRISE and INDUSTRY Directorate General of the European Commission.



Validation Workshop

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Validation Workshop - 17 June 2009 (Brussels)

Displays are an increasingly important segment of the ICT industry. Since the early 1990s, the global display industry has grown dramatically, to over €125 billion in global turnover, making it the second largest component industry in the ICT sector. Geo-politically, the industry has become dominated by Asian suppliers for TFT LCD. Now, two new technologies may be on the verge of breaking into the displays market – organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and electronic paper (e-paper). The IPTS study found that the potential disruptiveness of these technologies offers opportunities for the EU industry to re-enter, and strengthen its position in several segments of the displays value chain. How EU policy could support this opportunity to play a more significant part in the displays sector is still largely an open question.

The purpose of this workshop was to assess Europe’s future competitive position in the display industry resulting from progress in these new technologies, as well as to discuss how EU policy could support in strengthening that position.


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Part I European Opportunities in OLEDs

Part II European Opportunities in e-paper


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