The Competitiveness of the European Videogame Software Industry

This study is part of the COMPLETE Project (2007-2010)  whose aim is to analyse the future competitiveness of the EU ICT sector in emerging ICT technologies. COMPLETE is co-financed by JRC-IPTS and the ENTREPRISE and INDUSTRY Directorate General of the European Commission.



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Validation Workshop - 10 June 2010 (Brussels)

The workshop presented for validation and discussion the results of a study on "the Competitiveness of the European Videogame Software Industry", which is aiming at assessing the emerging trends and the strengths and weaknesses of EU firms, in order to highlight drivers for improving the competitiveness of the EU video game software industry. The workshop focussed on the game industry, on its market potential, on the related emerging technologies. In spite of being a very young industry, video games already managed to become a large and growing share of the media and content industries. The purpose of this workshop was to assess Europe’s future competitive position in the video game software industry, as well as to discuss how EU policy could support in strengthening that position. Particular attention was placed on Mobile and On-line Games developments.

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Workshop presentations

The general context of Software in Videogames


Session 2: Lessons from the MOBILE videogames segment


Session 3: Lessons from the ON LINE videogames segment

Session 4: The policy intervention domains

NON EU policy to attract video game companies         

EU policy section




  • DigiWorld Summit 2010 - 17-18 November 2010 (Montpellier, France)
    IPTS is a partner in the event for the organisation of the Video Game Seminar and will give a keynote speech on "The Internet’s disruptive impact on the video game industry".

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