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There is a substantial volume of macro-economic research on the contribution of digital technology or ICT to GDP and productivity growth. It looks at the impact of digital technology on the market part of the economy, the value of transactions in the market.  Many benefits of ICT are not the subject of monetised transactions. The internet, for example, offers many “free” online services and consumers derive considerable surplus value from digital technology, over and above what they pay for it. 

The Digital Economy research programme has also looked at the demand side, finding that the internet has substantially contributed to consumer welfare and that the much-feared “digital gap” may actually have been reversed because low-income low-skill consumers make relatively more intensive use of the internet. 

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The impact of ICT on employment is another issue that concerns European policy. A literature review showed that there is very little empirical research on the impact of ICT on employment in the EU.  The Digital Economy research programme started its own empirical research on this topic.   So far we find that ICT has a positive impact on employment, both at firm and at sector level.

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