EMBS Project

Study on measuring the diffusion of embedded systems in EU


Objective: The objective of the study is to develop and test a statistical methodology for providing reliable key figures on the supply and demand of Embedded Systems in EU. The statistical methodology is expected to offer quantitative data, statistically representative, that could be used to describe the diffusion of the Embedded Systems as well as to amend the benchmarking of the progress towards the Information Society in the framework of Lisbon strategy.

Description: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are progressively penetrating all aspects of our everyday life and there is undoubtedly a growing need to understand and quantify the economic impact of the phenomenon. DG Information Society entrusted the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre with the execution of a study called “Study on measuring the diffusion of Embedded Systems”. The elaboration and testing of a comprehensive tailored statistical methodology were the main objectives of this research on Embedded Systems. As the result of this project, we proposed a more holistic approach to the production and diffusion of ICT and we developed the foundation of a methodology that would ultimately take into account the overall use and impact of the embedded digital technology in the productive process.

Policy relevance

Even more than PCs and other so-called ICT goods, Embedded Systems are nowadays at the core of the Information Society. Therefore is important to understand the dynamics of their production and to analyse their role in the competitiveness of EU ICT sector. Paradoxically, statistical evidence on the production and diffusion of the Embedded Systems is limited, of anecdotic nature and sometimes contradictory. Moreover, as they are often produced and always incorporated into other goods, Embedded Systems as such are not always captured into the main ICT indicators and benchmarking exercises despite their ICT-based technology.


  • Martin Timmerman (Dedicated Systems, BE), which provided the background document on definition and taxonomies of Embedded Systems




Project Leader:
Geomina Turlea: geomina.turlea(at)ec.europa.eu