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Workshop on Digital Innovation: Models of ICT innovation, ICT innovation drivers and barriers, and policy lessons






Monday 22 June

Opening Session - ICT innovation policies
Chair: Paul Desruelle (JRC-IPTS)

  • Welcome and objectives of the workshop, Paul Desruelle (JRC-IPTS)
  • Innovation in the Digital Single Market, Viorel Peca (Head of Innovation Unit, DG CNECT, European Commission)
  • Keynote opening on Innovation policies and ICT, Andrea Renda (Digital Forum, Centre for European Policy Studies-CEPS)

Models of ICT innovation

How do ICT firms, and firms that provide ICT-enabled products & services, mobilise their internal and external resources in order to innovate? How do ICT firms connect to and use or acquire the resources available in their ecosystems?
In this context, what policy actions are needed?

Session 1 – Models of ICT innovation: Setting the scene
Chair: Viorel Peca (DG CNECT)

  • Overview of Models of ICT innovation, René Wintjes (UNU-MERIT)
  • Models of ICT innovation: evidence from the CIS, Federico Biagi (JRC-IPTS)

Session 2 – Models of ICT innovation: Case studies (Part 1)
Chair: Nikolaus Thumm (JRC-IPTS)

Session 3 – Models of ICT innovation: Case studies (Part 2)
Chair: Christine Simon (DG CNECT)

Session 4 – Models of ICT innovation: Debating lessons and implications
Chair: Paul Desruelle (JRC-IPTS)

Tuesday 23 June

ICT innovation drivers and barriers

What are the main ICT innovation drivers? What are the main barriers to innovation that firms are facing?
For example, what is the role of public procurement, IPRs, technology transfer, innovation financing, regulations, availability of human and physical capital, etc.? Which of those barriers and drivers are (more) specific to ICT innovation?
What policy actions are needed?

Session 5 - ICT innovation drivers and barriers (Part 1)
Chair: Paul Desruelle (JRC-IPTS)

  • Role of IPRs in ICT Innovation, Stefano Comino (University of Udine)
  • Role of Patents and Standardisation in the European Digital Single Market, Nikolaus Thumm (JRC-IPTS)
  • Examples of Demand-side policies for ICT innovation, Federico Biagi (JRC-IPTS)

Session 6 - ICT innovation drivers and barriers (Part 2)
Chair: Federico Biagi (JRC-IPTS)

  • Digital Entrepreneurship barriers & drivers: the need for a measurement framework, Marc Bogdanowicz (JRC-IPTS)
  • Taxation and ICT innovation, Annarosa Pesole (JRC-IPTS)
  • Financing ICT innovation: Venture Capital & Crowdfunding, Garry Gabison (JRC-IPTS)

Session 7 – Policy lessons and next steps
Chair: Viorel Peca (DG CNECT)

  • Workshop wrap-up session with open discussion on the main policy lessons from work presented during the workshop, and next steps.
    Moderator: Andrea Renda (Digital Forum, CEPS)

Workshop closing
Ioannis Maghiros (Head of Information Society Unit, JRC-IPTS, European Commission)