European Network for the Research on the Economic Impact of ICT (ICTNET)


Start date: December 2010

Duration: 2 years



ICT have been a major driver of productivity and growth over the last two decades. Today ICT are one of the keys to emerging from the economic crisis and putting countries back on a path to sustainable growth. This project would contribute to achieve these objectives.

Bringing together the main research groups into a network will:

  • enhance our understanding of the economic effects of ICT; and
  • increase the policy relevance of the research in this field.


ICTNET stands for European Network for the Research on the Economic Impact of ICT. The objective of this project is to develop the coordination of the research in the economics of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Europe.

The project focuses on four areas:

  • ICT, Growth and Productivity
  • ICT, R&D and Intangibles
  • ICT-enabled Innovation
  • ICT Diffusion to the Economy

To achieve its objectives, the project would rely on:

  • a network of over 30 research institutions with an established research record on the economics of ICT
  • a coordination group composed of 4 leading institutions
  • a series of 8 cross-thematic workshops
  • a series of 4 issues papers and 4 assessment papers
  • an interactive website
  • the final conference
  • the final report

JRC-IPTS is a part of a network of over 30 research institutions and will contribute to the work packages on ICT, R&D and Intangibles and on ICT-enabled Innovation.

ICT NET Project website:

Related events:

  • 11-12 April 2011: ICTNET 2nd Workshop: "ICT Intangibles and Innovation" (London, UK)
    This workshop is the second of a series on the economic impact of ICT, organised by ICTNET and funded by the European Commission. The goal is to bring together leading researchers in the economics of information and communication technologies (ICT) in order to discuss recent scientific contributions and outstanding policy challenges. Particular emphasis will be placed on ICT, R&D and intangibles and ICT-enabled innovation. At this event, JRC-IPTS will be presenting its paper on "The global ICT R&D network". More information on the conference webpage



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