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Comparison of indicators by ICT sub-sectors


The figure below provides a comparison by ICT sub-sectors of the four main indicators – Value Added, Employment, BERD and R&D personnel, for 2009. The main results of this comparison can be summarized as follows:

  • The Computer programming, consultancy and related activities (NACE 62) sub-sector consistently scored highest in all four indicators, with shares between 30% to 46%.
  • Manufacturing of communication equipment (NACE 263) was a highly R&D-intensive sub-sector. While it produced only 4% of the total ICT VA in 2009 and employed only 5% of the total ICT workers, it invested 25% of the total ICT BERD and employed 16% of ICT R&D personnel. Similar characteristics can be seen also in Manufacture of electronic components and boards (NACE 261).
  • A different situation is observed in the Telecommunications (NACE 61) sub-sector. On the one hand, this sub-sector produced 38% of the total EU ICT VA. On the other hand, it represented only half this share in terms of ICT sector employment (17%), ICT BERD (17%) and ICT R&D personnel (15%). ICT trade industries behaved similarly with 9% of the total ICT Value Added, and only 2% of the total ICT BERD.


Comparison of Value Added, Employment, BERD and R&D personnel by ICT sub-sectors (2009)


Source: Eurostat, elaborated by Ivie and JRC-IPTS [Download full image]