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Comparison of indicators with the USA


The figure below provides a comparison of sub-sectoral contributions to BERD and Value Added in the EU and the US. When we compare ICT Manufacturing with ICT Services, the two regions were very similar in 2009. In the EU, the ICT Services share in BERD was about 54% whereas in Value Added it was more than 90%. In the US, these shares were very similar– a 49% share in BERD and an 82% share in Value added. Or looking from the other side, ICT Manufacturing had about 50% shares in the total BERD in both regions but it produced less than 10% of EU ICT Value Added and less than 18% in the US.

A closer look at particular sub-sectors reveals additional interesting facts:

  • In 2009, the most important ICT sub-sector in Value Added in both regions was Telecommunications (NACE 61). This sub-sector produced similar shares of ICT Value Added in the EU as in the US (43% and 40% respectively). Its share of BERD was, however, much higher in the EU (18%) than in the US (2%).
  • In 2009, the ICT Manufacturing sub-sector, the Manufacture of communication equipment (NACE 263), produced 4% of the total ICT sector Value Added in the EU, as did the same sub-sector in the US. However, this sub-sector produced a higher share of BERD in the EU (26%) than it did in the US (15%).
  • Both the Manufacture of electronic components and boards (NACE 261) and Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment (NACE 262) ICT sub-sectors had higher Value Added and higher BERD shares in the US than in the EU.
  • On the one hand, the Computer programming, consultancy and related activities (NACE 62) had higher shares of Value Added and BERD in the EU than it did in the US (40% of Value Added and 31% of ICT BERD in the EU, compared with 24% of Value Added and 14.5% of ICT BERD in US), On the other hand, Software publishing (NACE 5820) was responsible for 10.5% of US ICT Value Added and for as much as 30% of US ICT BERD, compared to 2.7% of EU ICT Value Added and 4.1% of EU ICT BERD.


Sub-sectoral comparison of the distribution of Value Added and BERD between the EU and US (2009)


Source: Eurostat, elaborated by Ivie and JRC-IPTS [Download full image]