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Overview of the EU ICT sector and ICT R&D


Size of the EU ICT sector (Value Added)

  • ICT sector Value Added (VA) in the EU amounted to € 470 billion in 2009. This represented a share of 4.0% of EU GDP, a share that has remained stable over the last few years.
  • ICT Services represented by far the largest share of ICT VA (91.9% or € 432 billion in 2009), and amounted to 3.7% of EU GDP, while ICT Manufacturing VA represented 8.1% of ICT VA (€ 38 billion), amounting to 0.3% of GDP.

ICT Sector Employment and Labour Productivity

  • In 2009, over 6.1 million people worked in the EU ICT sector, representing 2.7% of employment in the EU.
  • ICT employment is highly concentrated in ICT Services: 5.1 million people worked in ICT Services (85%) whereas 0.9 million worked in ICT Manufacturing (15%).
  • In 2009, labour productivity per person in ICT Manufacturing in the EU was € 41 170 while in ICT Services it was € 84 170.

ICT Sector Business Expenditures in R&D (ICT BERD)

  • In 2009, ICT BERD was € 25 billion, 7.4% less than it was in 2008 (€ 27 billion).
  • This amount was almost equally divided between Manufacturing (€ 11.3 billion) and Services (€ 13.7 billion).
  • The ICT sector is one of the most R&D-intensive sectors in the EU economy. In 2009, ICT BERD made up 17% of total BERD, while ICT VA represented only 4% of GDP. In the same year, ICT R&D intensity, measured by the ratio of ICT BERD over ICT VA, was 5.3%.


Public Funding of ICT R&D (ICT GBAORD)

  • Public ICT R&D funding in the EU in 2009 was estimated at € 5.3 billion which represented almost 6% of the total EU public funding of R&D.


ICT R&D Personnel

  • ICT R&D personnel (including both researchers and R&D supporting staff) made up 4.7% of total ICT Employment in the EU.
  • In 2009, 10% of employees in the EU ICT Manufacturing sub-sectors were R&D personnel, whereas it was only 3.7% in ICT Services.