"The ICT landscape in BRICS countries:

lessons from emerging economies (R&D, innovation and trade)"


Second International Workshop organized by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS),

Joint Research Centre of the European Commission,

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Radisson Blu Hotel, Sandton -  Johannesburg, South Africa


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The Workshop

The aim of this workshop [1] was to take a closer look at the ICTs landscape in some emerging economies, the BRIC countries. It aimed at documenting the size of the ICT sector for each of the country covered, assessing their R&D expenditures. These countries are becoming major players not only as plain ICT users/ importers but as producers of ICT goods and services. China has become the world’s largest producer of ICT products.

Taking a closer look at BRIC countries allows us to better track and understand the flows between and within regions. Trade, foreign direct investment (FDI) and the off shoring of manufacturing have been highly noticeable in Asia but trade relationships between Asia and Brazil are also worth noting. In other words, one may better capture the overall impact of these emerging economies on the global ICT landscape.

It provided a working tool for the IPTS continuing research on ICT [2], identifying the issues at stake and related research questions triggered by the entry of these countries. This research takes part of the PREDICT project, a research line started some five years ago at JRC-IPTS and aiming at describing the dynamics of the ICT industry and its R&D worldwide.


Format: 30' presentations followed by 10'Q& A

[1] A first IPTS conference "Asian rise in ICT R&D – Looking for evidence: Debating collaboration strategies, threats and opportunities", was held in February 2011 in Brussels, Belgium. 22 experts from academia, research institutes, industry and public administrations were invited to speak. 13 of these experts are working in Asia.

[2] In 2005, and again in 2008, IPTS launched several tenders for research focused on R&D in ICT sectors in Asia (2005) and particularly in India, China and Taiwan (2008), in order to gain a better understanding of major ICT R&D capabilities in these countries.

The workshop was organised in association with the International Institute of Communications (IIC). Its Annual Conference took place on 3-4 October 2011 in Sandton, Johannesburg (same premises), Entitled 'Trends in Global Communications: Making Digital Society a Universal Reality' and took stock of the latest telecommunications and media developments and debate their policy, strategic and business implications, and possible future outcomes.




Presentations & Speakers



  • Fabio Colasanti, Chairman of the IIC (Belgium) - [Curriculum Vitae]

IPTS setting the scene




A cross comparison of China and India



South Africa

Wrap Up


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Related Publications:

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  • "13 èmeséance du séminaire BRICs" FMSH/EHESS (Paris, 5 June 2012). Presentation: Les TICs dans les BRICS by Jean-Paul Simon



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