International Conference:


"Global ICT industry: changing landscape? - The future of European ICT R&D"


19-20 October 2011

Brussels, Belgium


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    Conference Synthesis Note now available online => Download document

The conference synthesis note summarises briefly the main discussions of the conference, which focused on:

  • The place of Europe in the global ICT ecosystem
  • What is Europe's vision?
  • The role of R&D and innovation
  • An EU innovation and entrepreneurship gap – Enabling the growth of new firms
  • Policies


The Conference:

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre - Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS, Information Society Unit) organised an international conference on the changing global ICT industry landscape and future of ICT R&D in Europe. The conference brought together industry representatives, ICT R&D and innovation analysts, and policy makers, coming from Europe, the USA and Asia.


  Main purposes of the conference:

  • Identify and debate trends in the changing global ICT and ICT R&D landscape

  • Debate their impact on the EU ICT industry and consequences for research and innovation location and modes

  • Discuss implications for ICT R&D and innovation policies in Europe


In particular, the conference addressed the following topics:

  • Characteristics and trends in global redistribution of the ICT industry:
    • The emergence of a radically new internet/media/telecom ecosystem
    • The increasing role and importance of e-services
    • The importance of ICT manufacturing for Europe's growth
  • What are the drivers for these changes, trends and the possible future scenarios?
  • How do the EU ICT sector and EU companies position themselves in this new landscape and prepare for the future?
  • What challenges and opportunities these raise and offer for European ICT R&D and innovation, for the localisation of ICT R&D and for international ICT R&D and innovation collaboration?
  • What are current and future policy options at European level to address those challenges and opportunities?

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The Conference itself was part of a long-term project of the IPTS: PREDICT (Prospective Insights on R&D in ICT), which offers evidence-based policy support to the European Commission's Directorate General for Information Society and Media in the definition, implementation and monitoring of its R&D and Innovation policy. In the context of this project, IPTS releases an annual report on "R&D in ICT in The European Union"  that documents the private and public expenditures in ICT in Europe and worldwide, and provides additional information on aspects such as companies' R&D expenditures, internationalisation trends or patenting.


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Day 1 - Wednesday 19 October 2011 (afternoon only)

Conference Opening                         

Chair: Paul Desruelle, JRC-IPTS, European Commission - [Curriculum Vitae]

Keynote speech:

Session 1: Changing global ICT & ICT R&D landscape

Chair: Paul Desruelle, JRC-IPTS, European Commission


Setting the Scene: Marc Bogdanowicz, JRC-IPTS, European Commission - [Curriculum Vitae]

Session 2: Changing telecom, media & internet R&D landscape

Chair: Marc Bogdanowicz, JRC-IPTS, European Commission


Setting the Scene: Jean-Paul Simon, JRC-IPTS, European Commission - [Curriculum Vitae]


Day 2 - Thursday 20 October 2011

Session 3: Changing ICT manufacturing R&D landscape

Chair: Juraj Stancik, JRC-IPTS, European Commission - [Curriculum Vitae]


Setting the Scene: Paul Desruelle, JRC-IPTS, European Commission

Session 4: Changing computer services and software R&D landscape

Chair: Jean-Paul Simon, JRC-IPTS, European Commission


Setting the Scene: Juraj Stancik, JRC-IPTS, European Commission

Session 5: Changing policies?

Chair: Herbert Ungerer, Policy Analyst


Conference closing

Chair: Marc Bogdanowicz, JRC-IPTS, European Commission

Concluding statements:

  • Martin Fransman, University of Edinburgh
  • Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director, eLab, INSEAD