Conference: ICT Research and Innovation Challenges in Eastern European Member States (EEMS)


11 November 2011

Budapest, Hungary


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The Conference:

Eastern EU Member States have very low ICT business expenditures in ICT R&D in relation to their GDP. They also show a very low rate of ICT public expenditures in R&D in relation to their GDP. Although several of them have recorded spectacular increases in ICT manufacturing employment, deeper analysis tends to indicate that these countries are still hosting rather low value added activities.

The mission of this conference was to confront such facts and views to the testimony of the stakeholders from academia, industry and policy so as to validate the observations, interpret their possible meaning and opt for actions that might favorably influence the future.


Conference presentations:

The speakers's CVs are available on the "Speakers and Co-authors" section of the EEMS conference website.


Insights from Industry

Regional Insights

  • Imants Freibergs, former President of LIKTA (Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association), Latvia
  • Saulius Maskeliunas, VU Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, President of Lithuanian Computer Society, Lithuania

Country Perspectives of ICT R&D Challenges in EEMS
(including research priorities and products, R&D financing, participation in EC programs)

Conference Closing


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