Modelling the economic impact of EU ICT R&D expenditure


16 April 2012

Seville, Spain


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About the Workshop:

PREDICT is a research project analysing R&D investments in the EU ICT sector carried out by JRC-IPTS in collaboration with DG Information Society and Media. One of the objectives of the projects is to develop a quantitative analysis of ICT R&D performance based on economic modelling techniques, and in this context the IPTS Information Society Unit is investigating the possibilities offered by economic models to assess impact of policies related to planned public expenditure on ICT R&D. This International Experts' Workshop is organised to support such work.

The objective of the workshop is to review and discuss options and solutions for the macro-economic modelling of the R&D processes, with emphasis on the processes within ICT sectors. The agenda for the workshop will include topics related to: modelling of the R&D process in a CGE framework; elasticity of public and private R&D expenditures; diffusion of R&D outputs; and related calibration of key parameters in the model.

To stimulate the debate at the workshop, the IPTS Information Society Unit will present an initial empirical approach for modelling of ICT R&D processes as well as results from illustrative simulation performed with a demo CGE model (developed by ULB-Ecomod under the PREDICT project). Participants are invited to contribute actively to the workshop and present their own research findings on this subject. The workshop will help us to improve the modelling approach.

For more details, see the agenda.


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Session 0 - Introduction and Welcome

Session I - Key issues for ICT R&D modelling                                       

Session II - R&D within CGE framework                                                

Session III - Applications of CGE R&D structure