ICT Industry Analysis



Comparison of indicators and data summary - analysis by sub-sectors

Figure 2-11: Comparison of value added, employment, BERD, and R&D personnel by ICT sub-sectors (2011)

Source: Eurostat, elaborated by Ivie and JRC-IPTS


Table 2-1: Summary table of ICT indicators by sub-sectors. European Union (2011)

Source: Eurostat, elaborated by Ivie and JRC-IPTS.
Note: There is no data available for BERD and R&D personnel in the Statistics on Research and Development (Eurostat) for the ICT trade industries sub-sectors (NACE 4651, NACE 4652).
  • The Computer programming, consultancy and related activities sub-sector consistently scored the highest in all four indicators, with shares between 34.22% and 46.89%.

  • Manufacturing of communication equipment is a highly R&D-intensive sub-sector.