ICT Industry Analysis



Public Funding of ICT R&D - analysis by member states

Figure 3-12: Share of ICT GBAORD in GDP by Member State (2010-2011)

Note: Data not available for Poland for the period 2009-2011
Source: Eurostat

Sweden led in terms of public ICT R&D funding intensity, followed by Finland and Denmark. Only Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Estonia, Croatia and Lithuania increased their shares; all other EU Member States experienced decreases between 2010 and 2011.


















Figure 3-13: Share of ICT GBAORD in total GBAORD by Member State (2010-2011)

Source: JRC-IPTS calculation based on Eurostat data.

Sweden presented the higher ratio between ICT GBAORD and total GBAORD, followed by Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland and Slovenia. All countries increased their shares between 2010 and 2011 except for Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Cyprus, France, Greece, Portugal, Latvia, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany .


Figure 3-14: Distribution of ICT GBAORD among Member States (2011)

Source: JRC-IPTS calculation based on Eurostat data.

In 2011, the EU’s five largest economies –Germany, the UK, France, Spain and Italy– plus Sweden provided the largest contributions to total public funding of ICT R&D: 71.76 % of total ICT GBAORD. The newer MS together accounted for only 4.67% of the total ICT GBAORD, significantly below their economic weight.