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ICT sector value added - GVA














Figure 1–1-a: ICT value added share of total value added. European Union (2006-2010)   Figure 1–1-b: ICT value added and GDP real annual growth rates. European Union (2006-2010)


Source: Eurostat, elaborated by Ivie and JRC-IPTS

The EU ICT sector VA represents around 4.1% of total GDP. It experienced a slight reduction from 4.11% in 2006 to 4.03% in 2010. Both variables presented a very similar annual growth rate, especially in the first part of the period.


















Figure 1–2-a: Distribution of VA shares for ICT manufacturing and ICT services. European Union (2006-2010)   Figure 1–2-b: Annual real growth rates of ICT manufacturing and ICT services value added. European Union (2006-2010)


Source: Eurostat, elaborated by Ivie and JRC-IPTS

ICT VA is concentrated in the ICT services sectors. ICT manufacturing VA has suffered more from the downturn of economic activity than ICT services VA.

















Figure 1–3: ICT value added share of GDP and comparison with non-ICT economic activities. European Union (2006-2010)

a) Manufacturing
b) Services


Agriculture, forestry and fishing; mining and quarrying; electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply; water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities; and construction are not included in either manufacturing or services industries.
Source: Eurostat, elaborated by Ivie and JRC-IPTS.  

ICT manufacturing sectors represent 0.3%-0.5% of total GDP. Other manufacturing sectors with an important relation with ICT and/or R&D also have a small share of GDP. ICT services sectors account for 3.6% of total GDP. Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles; Human health and social work activities and Professional, scientific and technical activities have the highest shares of GDP within this group of selected sectors.