ICT Industry Analysis



ICT sector value added - analysis by sub-sectors

Figure 2–1: ICT VA share of GDP by sub-sector (2009, 2010)

Eurostat, elaborated by Ivie and JRC-IPTS

The two largest ICT services sub-sectors -Computer programming, consultancy and related activities and Telecommunications- represented almost 72% of the total VA produced by the ICT sector in 2010.


















Figure 2-2: Comparison of ICT manufacturing and services: distribution of VA among the biggest Member State contributors (2010)

Source: Eurostat, elaborated by Ivie and JRC-IPTS
Germany dominates ICT manufacturing, followed by Italy and the UK, France and Sweden. ICT services sub-sector was dominated by a group of four countries: France, the UK, Germany and Italy that represented 62.08% of the total EU ICT services VA.