REDICT Project

Study on the trends in European public and private investments in ICT R&D


Starting date: 1 July 2005
Duration: 28 months


  • provide data on the size, distribution and sources of public and private investments in R&D in European ICT sectors
  • analyse the relationship between the R&D investment decisions in the ICT sectors and the design and functionality of the local/national innovation systems.
  • prospective view on the R&D investments in the European ICT industry

Description: The study consists of 25 country reports, one for each Member State of the EU. The 25 reports bring under scrutiny the R&D activities in ICT and analyse the framework conditions which influence the quantity and the quality of these activities. In addition, a synthesis report summarises the country studies, compares the results in the various Member States, highlights the factors shaping the current profile of the European R&D in ICT, provides comparative international data on ICT R&D investments in US and selected Asian countries at aggregate level and identifies trends in the dynamics of the European competitive advantage.

Policy relevance:

The Lisbon Council and its several follow-ups called for Europe to exploit the opportunities of the knowledge-based economy including those arising from the deployment of the Internet. The R&D activity in the ICT sectors clearly stands out as a very important factor in boosting the development of knowledge-based competitiveness of European economy.


  • DG INFSO (European Commission)
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (D)
  • TNO (NL)
  • Arc systems research GmbH (A)
  • Institute of Economic/Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HU)


Related Events:

  • Planned workshop at IST days, Helsinki, 21-23 November 2006


Project Leader: Martin Ulbrich
Action Leader: Marc.Bogdanowicz(at)