Scientific Steering Committee for Information Society Strategies and Developments in the New Member States and Candidate Countries

When setting up the Scientific Steering Committee, IPTS aimed to assemble the best possible group of committed experts and decision makers from across the New Member States and Candidate Countries to debate Information Society developments and the resulting research and policy challenges. The Committee is currently composed of 19 highly knowledgeable individuals from the New Member States and Candidate Countries. Members of the Committee are not expected to participate as their countries' representatives, but rather to offer their own opinions and debate as experts.

The aims of the Scientific Steering Committee are:

  • to act as an advisory group that guides the Information Society research of IPTS towards objectives which, from the point of view of the countries that have joined the EU since May 2004, are deemed to be most important for policy making at national and European level.
  • to be a think-tank of high-level decision makers and academics who assess Information Society strategies and developments, and support their dissemination at both European and national levels.
  • to be a networking reference point for the participating experts, at both national and European levels.


  • Mr Karel Aim: Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Member of the Board of Governors of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.
  • Ms Jale Alp: Marketing Manager, Siemens, Turkey.
  • Mr Péter Bakonyi: Ministerial Advisor, Ministry of Informatics and Communications, Hungary. Deputy Director, Computer and Automation Institute, Hugarian Academy of Sciences.
  • Ms Eleni Christodoulou: Director, Advanced Research and Development, Computer Science Department, University of Cyprus.
  • Mr Adrian Curaj: Director, Executive Agency for Higher Education and Research Funding. Executive Secretary, National University Research Council, Romania.
  • Mr Wolfgang Dreschler: Professor of Technology Governance and Public Management, Tallinn University of Technology. Professor and Chair of Public Administration and Government, Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tartu, Estonia.
  • Mr Gabor Eszes: Ministerial Commissioner of the Ministry of Economy and Transport, Hungary.
  • Mr Rado Faleskini: Consulotant to the Director, Elektro Slovenija, Slovenia.
  • Mr Florin Filip: Vice-President, the Romanian Academy of Sciences, Romania.
  • Mr Haluk Geray: Professor, Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Agency (TUBITAK), School of Communications and Media, Ankara University, Turkey.
  • Mr Gordon Pace: Malta Council for Science and Technology, Malta.
  • Mr Marcin Piatkowski: Advisor to the Executive Director, International Monetary Fund, USA.
  • Mr Tomas Sabol: Professor, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia.
  • Ms Nelly Stoyanova: Head of Sector 'Information Society Development', Ministry of Transport and Communications, Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Mr Laimutis Telksnys: Professor, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Lithuania.
  • Mr Vasja Vehovar: Associate Professor, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Mr Kamen Velev: President of the National Science Fund, Bulgaria.
  • Mr Joszef Veress: Helsinki Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research, Hungary
  • Mr Krzysztof Glomb: President of Cities on Internet Association, Tarnów, Poland.

European Commission Staff

  • Mr Marc Bogdanowicz: IPTS, JRC.
  • Mr Jean-Claude Burgelman: IPTS, JRC.

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Project Leader: Marc Bogdanowicz