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Scientific Steering Committee

High Level Scientific Steering Committee Meeting for Information Society Take-up in the New Member States and Candidate Countries


Starting date: September 2005

Objectives: The core aims of the Scientific Steering Committee are:

  • To be an advisory group that guides the Information Society research at IPTS towards objectives that are seen as the most important for policy-making at national and European level, from the point of view of the New Member States and Candidate Countries.
  • To be a think-tank made up of high-level decision-makers and academics who assess Information Society strategies and developments and support their dissemination at both European and national levels.
  • To be a networking reference point for the participating experts, both at national and European levels.

Description: The Scientific Steering Committee is an expert group of highly knowledgeable individuals with direct insights into Information Society national debates and policy-making. They are included in the Committee for the high value of their personal experience, and not as representatives of a country or an industrial sector. Initially, members of this committee came mainly from the New European Member States, but membership will be progressively extended to include experts from the Candidate Countries as well. Additional observers may also participate in meetings on occasion.


The list of experts who have been invited and have accepted to become members of the Scientific Steering Committee is available at: SSC page

Policy relevance

The Scientific Steering Committee aims to bring together the best possible group of committed experts and decision-makers across the Member States to debate Information Society developments and to support research and policy decisions towards the Lisbon Agenda. It has a specific focus on the integration of the New Member States.


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Steering Committee meetings:
  • The first meeting was held on 9 September 2005, after a one day session on "Future Outlook on the Information Society in New Member States and Candidate Countries" which formed part of the Krynica 2005 Economic Forum, Poland.
  • The second meeting was held on 8 April 2006, after the two-day International Conference on "Growth and Competitiveness" held in Budapest, Hungary.
  • The third meeting was held on 29-31 January 2007, jointly with the international experts validation workshop that reviewed the final reports of three studies on eGovernment, eHealth and eLearning in the ten Eastern European Member States, commissionned by IPTS and executed by a large consortium of eastern research institutions.
INFO:The proceedings of those meetings are restricted to the members

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Project Leader: Marc Bogdanowicz