ASIA Project

Towards Knowledge-based Societies. ICT for Growth and Cohesion in a Global Knowledge-based Economy: Lessons from Asian Growth Areas


Starting date: 2006
Duration: 1 year

Objectives: The study aims at better understanding the potential role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in generating both economic and social development in geographic areas which are competing globally bu focusing on the case of Asian economies.

Description: The study analyses a number of selected areas in Asia in order to explore:

  1. the conditions for high economic growth – especially when based on the use or production of ICTs,
  2. the essential changes observed in the examined areas and how these changes might affect society and the quality of life in the short and longer term (Lisbon objectives for growth, cohesion and sustainability),
  3. the lessons to be learned in terms of policy-related opportunities/consequences for Europe: transferability of IS policy-relevant lessons, competitiveness of the EU in a global economy, transformation of societies and the European Union model.

Policy Relevance

The results of the study are expected to be an important input to DG INFSO’s research and policy making. They will contribute to the current debate on which IS policies, R&D policies and ICT tools could, in the global economy, help in achieving the Lisbon goals. The results will present policy recommendations for the EC as a whole and for national authorities in the EU Member States.



Project Leaders: Annaflavia Bianchi (2006), and Marc Bogdanowicz (2007-2008)
Contact: marc.bogdanowicz(at)