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Rethinking Innovation and Industrial policies in the EU&US

ICT and high-tech industries and the EU-US productivity, innovation and R&D gaps



Starting date: June 2011
Duration: 30 months

Objective: Provide a better understanding of the nature and factors of ICT and ICT-enabled innovation in a Digital Economy.


The IS Unit, together with the Knowledge for Growth Unit at JRC-IPTS, run a research project on Rethinking Innovation and Industrial policies in the EU&US: ICT and high-tech industries and the EU-US productivity, innovation and R&D gaps.

In the first part of the project both innovation and productivity gaps between the EU and the US were documented, with the aim of characterizing the part of the gap that is due to the different industrial composition of the EU relative to the US.  We were especially interested in capturing the contribution of the ICT sector.

In the second part of the project, the role of public policies in igniting innovation (particular focus on the "Small Business Innovation Research" (SBIR), "Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency" (DARPA) and Advanced Technology Program (ATP) for the US) and at the experience of key ICT related sub-sectors (such as Web based applications, OLEDS, Robotics) were looked at more thoroughly .

Last, the different policy options available to improve EU innovativeness and growth was analysed, with special emphasis on policies directed at ICT and other high-tech industries.

The "Rethinking Innovation and Industrial policies in the EU&US" Project was financed by JRC-IPTS.


Policy relevance:

ICT-enabled innovation in ICT and in non-ICT industries and services make an increasingly important contribution to the economic growth of advanced economies. The Digital Agenda for Europe, Innovation Union and An Industrial policy for the Global Era are three major Flagships of Europe 2020. All three point at ICT-enabled innovation as a major engine of growth.



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Project leaders:

Federico Biagi

Paul Desruelle