Final Conference of the ESSLimit project:

"ICT and Innovation: Accessing and linking Microdata for Firm-level Economic Analysis"

Seville, 9-10 October 2012

About the Conference:

During this final conference, the analytical results on firm ICT behavior as well as  microdata linking and access will be presented and discussed by project members and invited experts.

The ESSLimit project aims at expanding the amount of information available on firm ICT behavior and impacts by linking different sets of enterprise data. This means that the business registers, production surveys, e-commerce surveys, innovation surveys, education registers and trade statistics for 15 European countries have been employed.

Besides providing results from analytical work on the relation between ICT and either innovations, firm performance, skills, human capital or exports, the project will also release a micro-aggregated research database. Furthermore,  steps towards suggestions on how sampling strategies could be improved in order to facilitate microdata linking as well as the design of a protocol for how the final research database could be accessed, will be presented.



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Workshop presentations:

Day 1

Background to project

Part 1: ESSLimit: The dataset

Session 1: The cross country dataset

Session 2: The indicators and ways to improve them

Part 2: ESSLimit: Exploiting the data

Session 3: ICT as organisational capital

Day 2


Session 4: Systems of ICT and innovations

Session 5: ICT, innovations and the wider world

  • Paper 5: ICT use and exports - Patricia Kotnik, University of Ljubljana
  • Paper 6: ICT and Economic Resilience - Eric Bartelsman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Tinbergen Institute, IZA



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ESSnet on Linking of Microdata on ICT Usage - Eurostat Grant agreement 5070.2010.001-2010.578:




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Eva Hagsten: esslimit(at)