International Workshop: " Investigating Industrial and Innovation policies for Growth: Contrasting experts views"

Seville, 2-3 November 2011

This workshop is part of a broader research activity launched since 2010 at IPTS. Its aim is to improve our understanding of the nature and factors of ICT and ICT-enabled innovation in a Digital Economy.

The workshop, grouping selected international experts, aimed at:

  1. Validating the Report prepared by BRUEGEL (FLY Report, available soon)
  2. Contrasting the views of experts active as researchers, policy makers or project managers in ICT-enabled innovation for growth in Europe and beyond.



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Workshop presentations:

DAY 1: 2 November 2011


Session 1. Lessons from ICT innovative industries (FLY)

Chair: Federico Biagi

Discussant: Marc Bogdanowicz (presentation)

Discussant: Itzhak Goldberg

Discussant: Jean-Paul Simon (presentation)

Discussant: Itzhak Goldberg

Session 2. Europe and beyond: insights from the World Bank and OECD

Chair: Marc Bogdanowicz

Session 3. First insights from the workshop: the view from the field

  • Mr L.Pelamourgues: Executive, Networking and Telecoms R&D & IT



DAY 2: 3 November 2011

Session 4. Insights from IPTS: current studies on Innovation

Chair: Marc Bogdanowicz / Fernando Hervas

Concluding comments and next steps on the study - Itzhak Goldberg (Visiting Sc., JRC-IPTS; Fellow, CASE, Warsaw; Consultant, WB, USA)


Session 5. Drawing tentative conclusions:

Chair: Fernando Hervas

Contrasting experts' views: "Investigating Industrial and Innovation policies for growth - Commonalities and divergence in theoretical frameworks, methods and results"

  • Itzhak Goldberg (Visiting Sc., JRC-IPTS; Fellow, CASE, Warsaw; Consultant, WB, USA)
  • Mr L.Pelamourgues (Executive, Networking and Telecoms R&D & IT)
  • Rheinhilde Veugeleers (BRUEGEL)



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