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Past Projects

About Economic analysis:

  • Modelling the Digital Economy
    The heading of Modelling the Digital Economy groups a variety of quantitative estimations of various topics material to understanding the impact of the ICT in an increasingly Digital Economy. The final objective of the exercise is to provide a set of impact evaluations of the Digital Agenda on fulfilling the Europe2020 goals. The research activity focuses at creating a platform of macro-economic models and related micro-to-macro approaches when applicable. More...
  • ICTNET: European Network for the Research on the Economic Impact of ICT
    The objective of this project is to develop the coordination of the research in the economics of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Europe. More…
  • GROWTH analysis:
    "Accounting for the Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Total Factor Productivity: Towards an Endogenous Growth Approach" (2007). Authors: T. Dunnewijk, H. Meijers, A. van Zon. Editor: S. Barrios. JRC Scientific and Technical Report. EUR 22909EN.
    This study provides a review of the literature on the impact of ICT on Economic Growth and Productivity and provides elements of discussion for extending the neoclassical growth framework to incorporate elements of the endogenous growth theories in order to consider the impact of ICT diffusion on growth and productivity.
    The Potential of ICT for the Development and Economic Restructuring of the New EU Member States and Candidate Countries (2005). Author: Piatkowski, Marcin. JRC Scientific and Technical Report. EUR 21589 EN
    This study focuses on the changing competitive pressures and the potential ICT may have for economic growth in the Member States that joined the EU after April 2004. It recommends that policy measures should concentrate on encouraging more intensive use of ICT in certain industries and the public sector, and creating an economic and institutional environment in which the business sector would invest more in ICT.
    Information and Communication Technologies, Market Rigidities and Growth: Implications for EU Policies (2007). Authors: Salvador Barrios, Jean-Claude Burgelman. JRC Scientific and Technical Report. EUR23027 EN
    This study provides policy implications, most notably, regarding the role played by structural reforms in promoting both ICT adoption and setting the best framework conditions for ICT impact on GDP growth. While the renewed EU Lisbon strategy of economic reforms is badly needed to increase EU growth potential, we show here that this strategy is also needed to promote technological change in the EU economy.

  • Measuring the diffusion of embedded systems in EU (EMBS)
    Developing and testing a statistical methodology for providing reliable key figures on the supply and demand of Embedded Systems in EU. More...


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