Modelling the Digital Economy


The heading of Modelling the Digital Economy groups a variety of quantitative estimations of various topics material to understanding the impact of the ICT in an increasingly Digital Economy. The final objective of the exercise is to provide a set of impact evaluations of the Digital Agenda on fulfilling the Europe2020 goals. The research activity focuses at creating a platform of macro-economic models and related micro-to-macro approaches when applicable.


Expert Workshop: The macro-economic modelling of the Digital Economy - Brussels, 29-30 September 2010

The Workshop "Modelling the Digital Economy" gathered experts in the economics of ICT and modelling who addressed topics germane to the Digital Agenda such as: ICT as enabling technology, ICT impact on productivity, ICT infrastructure, network effects, technology adoption, and economics of embedded ICT. The participants from various research institutions working on capturing the diverse features of the Digital Economy helped refining the IPTS vision and pointed to various new methods and approaches relevant for the purpose of the entire research line. A particular attention was paid to the modelling of the ICT R&D, as central factor boosting the productivity.

Participants at the Expert Workshop in Brussels  


Workshop presentations:

Welcome and Introduction

Session 1: Quantitative approaches to Digital Economy (chair: Martin Ulbrich, DG INFSO)

Session 2: Lessons from quantitative ICT R&D (chair: Vincenzo Spiezia, OECD)

Session 3: Measurement issues (chair: Russel Cooper, The University of New South Wales)

Session 4: ICT and productivity (chair: Paul Desruelle, IPTS)


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