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Patent Statistic, Innovation management and IPR


"Innovation and Regulation in Digital Services” Chair/ JRC-IPTS


Paris, 5 June 2012

JRC-IPTS co-organised with the Innovation and Regulation in Digital Services Chair the "Patent statistics, innovation management and IPR” conference that brought together experts from the field to better assess the potential of patent data for innovation management. Moreover, the importance and challenges of the use of IPR in the digital world were discussed. 


Conference presentations

1. The value of patents in a digital world?

Chair: Pierre Jean Benghozi

- In an industry with highly sequential innovation such as the software industry do patenting prevent rather than foster innovation?

- Do software patents tend to reduce competition, raise prices, slow down innovation, and encourage cartel behaviour( for example, patent pools)?

- Or providing an important and legitimate incentive for R&D?

- What is the right balance between the protection of IPR and competition to foster innovation?


2. Asia: the raising star on the innovation skyline

Chair: Jean Paul Simon


- The most striking fact is the impressive entrance China made in ICT patenting activity: China's inventive output increased massively starting in 2000 and overtaking both the EU and US output by the mid-2000s.

- Data shows that the ICT patent applications filed by China- and Korea-based inventors in 2007 summed up to 91% of the total Asian ICT application output.


3. Patenting strategies

Chair: Yann Ménière, Ecole des Mines, Paris

Introduction to Patenting Strategies

- How patents are taking place in the global R&D networks international division of innovation processes?

- What are the main strategies to manage the patents portfolio?

- How to they vary according to the core business, the size and age of the company?

4. From patent statistics to information tools

Chair: Alain Vallée

- What can patent analysis bring to better understand innovation processes?


5. Measuring inventive output only? Patent at company level

Chair: Daniel Nepelski

- What are the main advantages of using patent as a proxy of inventive output?

- What are the main limits? Are we missing major forms of innovation?

- Bart Van Looy, KU Leuven – ECOOM


6. Location of inventive activity

Chair: Giuditta De Prato