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Innovation is considered as a key element of the Information Society. Hence, for policy makers as for business executives, gathering information on the technological and competitive dynamics, converting it into intelligence and then utilizing it in the decision and policy making process is of essential importance.

Patent data is one of the most reliable and recognised sources of information on the technological dynamics and the resulting changes in the competitive environments. The vast amount of information available in patent data gives unique innovation-related insights on:

  • Who? What companies, research institutions and universities develop new inventions and drive the technological progress?
  • Where? What is the geography of innovation and where innovating companies and individuals are?
  • What? Which technologies are being developed?
  • When? What are the dynamics of the innovation process?

In order to answer the above questions and gain insights into the innovative process, it is necessary to transform the content of millions of patent documents and apply sophisticated methodologies to build appropriate indicators. Over the last few years, JRC-IPTS has built competencies and tools in patent intelligence to support innovation policy responses to challenges that have both a socio-economic as well as a technological dimension. We concentrate our efforts on developing and applying state-of-the-art methodologies of patent analysis. In our work we make use of PATSTAT, the EPO Worldwide Patent Statistical Database, gathering data from more over 80 countries. The outputs of our analysis, mainly focused on ICT-related data, cover issues of Performance measurement, Internationalisation measurement and Competitiveness analysis.  They are fairly visible in most of our flagship reports such as those of the EIPE, PREDICT and COMPLETE research projects. We also run a periodic international workshop for patents analysis practitioners.


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The Output of R&D activities: Harnessing the Power of Patents Data


Conference: Patent Statistic, Innovation management and IPR - "Innovation and Regulation in Digital Services” Chair/ JRC-IPTS - Paris, 5 June 2012. More information...


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