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2nd workshop: The Output of R&D activities: Harnessing the Power of Patents Data

  27-28 May 2010 – IPTS (Seville, Spain)

This workshop focused mainly on the use of PATSTAT, the database developed by the European Patent Office (EPO), and on the dynamics and outputs of ICT R&D. Representatives of academia, EPO, the US patent trademark and patent office (USPTO), national Patent Offices, the OECD and the European Commission participated actively with the aim of improving their understanding of the database itself, its use and the interpretation of the results towards evidence-based policy-making.

At a broader level, participants discussed whether the patent systems suits societal needs, especially whether patents are the best way to spur innovation in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies. It was highlighted that, since most research on patents is carried out with the help of patent statistics, several research issues on the computation of these statistics were considered, showing that the availability of high quality and complex patents’ datasets is essential. The quantitative characterization of the inventive process is notoriously a thorny issue, and attention was dedicated to the relation between the input (as measured, for example, by R&D investments data) and output measures (as measured by patent statistics). The last broad area that was considered regards the collaborative dimension of R&D. Collaboration in innovation may take place within the boundaries of countries, possibly involving diverse institutions like industry and universities, although it is increasingly acquiring also international character. Within the E.U., an issue of particular relevance is the assessment of the impact of those collaborative activities which are financed under the Framework Program.

For more information, see the Agenda.

Workshop II presentations:


Session 1:  Considerations on the patenting system / 1

Session 2: Computing patent statistics - The use of Patstat & more


Session 3: From the input to the output of the inventive process

Session 4: Collaboration and internationalization in patenting activities / 1


Session 5: Collaboration and internationalization in patenting activities / 2

Session 6: Considerations on the patenting system / 2