CHORUS Project

Coordinated approacH to the EurOpean effoRt on aUdiovsual Search engines


Starting date: November 2006
Duration: 30 months
Project website:

Objective: CHORUS is a Coordination Action which aims at creating the conditions of mutual information exchange and cross fertilisation between the projects that will run under Strategic objective 2.6.3 (Advanced search technologies for digital audio-visual content) and beyond the IST initiative.

Description: An important task of the project consists of supporting the preparation of an analysis and a roadmap for the realisation of audio-visual search engines in EU. That activity will need a multi-disciplinary (societal, economic, regulatory and technological) and strategic approach and will imply the participation of major Stakeholders in this domain through the creation of a Think Tank. The Think Tank, to which several representative organizations have already agreed to participate, will contribute to give an industrial relevance to the coordination action and its vision(s).

Policy relevance

"Challenges of Future Search Engines", Consultation Workshop – Brussels, September 15th, 2005 The Information Society and Media Directorate-General organised a consultation workshop to identify the major challenges in the domain of audiovisual search engines.

Information Day on "Audio-Visual Search Technologies" - Brussels, December 19th , 2005
To launch a new strategic R&D objective on audio-visual search technologies, the European Commission services of DG Information Society organized an Information Day in Brussels



Interaction and dissemination will be further ensured through the organisation of conferences and dedicated workshops addressing a large community which complement the coordination instruments proposed by CHORUS.

Workshops and conferences addresses communication and dissemination, but with different instruments. Within that WP multi-disciplinary workshops and conferences will be organised bringing together the different IST projects with other relevant organisations and projects.

Those workshops and conferences will be a direct means both for the collection of information and views (among which technical and non-technical topics), the discussion on trends and issues and for the cross fertilisation between all initiatives of the sector.

The public targeted by that activity exceeds the European research community, the goal being that the events initiated by CHORUS become a high standard and powerful instrument of communication and dissemination.


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The consortium represents established and well-reputed research institutions and consultancies with a broad range of intellectual and technological expertise in the area, both as regards concrete actions and policy development and track records of national, EU-wide, and international cooperation activities.

  • JCP-Consult (JCP) – F –
    80 avenue des Buttes de Coesmes (le gallium)
    F – 35700 RENNES
    Contact person : Jean-Charles POINT
    Tel : +33223271246

  • Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (INRIA) – F –
    Domaine de Voluceau – Rocquencourt 
    F - 78153 LE CHESNAY, Cedex
    Contact Person : Nozha BOUJEMAA
    Tel : +33139635154

  • Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH (IRT GmbH)- D –
    Floriansmuehlstrasse 60
    D – 80939 MUENCHEN
    Contact Person:  Robert ORTGIES
    Tel : +49-89-32399310

  • Swedish Institute of Computer Science AB (SICS) –SE –
    Isafjordsgatan 22
    SE - 164 29 KISTA
    Contact person: Jussi KARLGREN
    Tel : +46 8 6331500

  • Joint Research Centre (JRC) – B –
    Rue de la Loi 200
    B – 1049 BRUSSELS
    Contact person: Ioannis MAGHIROS
    Tel: +34-954.488.281

  • Universiteit van Amsterdam (UVA) – NL –
    Spui 21
    NL - 1012 WX AMSTERDAM
    Contact person: Nicu SEBE
    Tel: +31 20 525 7552

  • Centre for Research and Technology - Hellas (CERTH) – GR –
    6th km charilaou-thermi road
    Contact person: Michael STRINTZIS
    Tel : +30-2310-464160

  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V.
    (FHG/IAIS) – D –
    hansastrasse 27c
    D – 80686 MUENCHEN
    Contact person: Joachim KOEHLER
    Tel: +49 2241 141900

  • Thomson R&D France (THO) – F –
    46 Quai A. Le Gallo
    Contact person : Pieter VANDERLINDEN
    Tel : +33 2 99273056

  • France Telecom (FT) - F-
    place d'Alleray 6
    F – 75015 PARIS
    Contact person : Michel PLU
    Tel : +332 96 05 3698

  • Circom Regional (CR) – B –
    C/O France 3 Alsace, place de Bordeaux
    F – 67005 STRASBOURG
    Contact person: Peter KRAEWINKELS

  • Exalead S. A. (Exalead) – F –
    10 place de la Madeleine
    F – 75008 PARIS
    Contact person: Henri GOURAUD
    Tel : +33155352614

  • Fast Search & Transfer ASA (FAST) – NO –
    Christian Frederiks plass 6
    0154 – OSLO
    Contact person : Stefan DEBALD
    Tel: +4748011318

  • Philips Electronics Nederland B.V.(PHILIPS) – NL – 
    High Tech Campus 34, Postbox 51
    NL - 5656 AE  Eindhoven
    Contact person: Jan NESVADBA
    Tel: +31 40 2747811



Project Leaders: Boris Rotenberg, Ramón Compañó and Ioannis Maghiros