European Hospital Survey:
Benchmarking Deployment of e-Health Services (2012–2013)


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Workshops & Events

Validation workshop: Brussels, 3 July 2012

To validate the whole research strategy and the questionnaire with experts such as Hospital Chief Information Officers (CIOs), trade associations, industry representatives, healthcare providers, payers, scholars, clinicians, and policy experts, Over the last two months JRC-IPTS carried ying out a methodological set up validation process, based on two steps:

Over the last two months JRC-IPTS has been carrying out a methodological set up validation process, based on two steps: (i) testing the new questionnaire in four different countries (England, Italy, Germany and Hungary) through in-depth interviews of 3-4 Hospital CIOs within each country; and (ii) organising a validation workshop in Brussels with 15 experts (industry, practitioners, policy makers, researchers) from different countries.

The pilot testing exercise included the translation of the questionnaire in four different languages with preliminary comments from the researchers. In addition, the questionnaire was validated with Hospital CIOs in Spain (Andalucia and Catalonia).

Based on this, the validation workshop was then organised in and structured in three main sessions:

1) Firstly, JRC-IPTS researchers introduced the project including the benchmarking exercise developed in 2010 and the current challenges and benefits of the new benchmarking. It should be noted that the JRC-IPTS composite indicator based on the 2010 benchmarking was based on four main blocks of items: (1) ICT Infrastructure; (2) ICT Applications; (3) Health Information Exchange; and (4) Security and Privacy.

Moreover, two additional blocks were introduced in the new questionnaire: (1) IT functionalities [Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), Telemedicine and Personal Health Record (PHR)] following OECD approach and (2) Barriers, Impact and Attitudes.

2) Secondly, preliminary results of the pilot tests of the questionnaire in Italy, Hungary, Germany and England were presented:

3) Thirdly, the research strategy, main blocks of the questionnaire and all indicators were discussed in depth with all the participants.


As a result of this process JRC-IPTS  developed a methodological report: “European Hospital Survey: Benchmarking deployment of e-Health services (2012–2013) – Methodological Report


Contact: Fabienne Abadie