RFID Project

Study on RFID Technologies: Emerging Issues, Challenges and Policy Options


Starting date: December 2005
Duration: 12 months

Objective:The objective of this project is to inform the policy process within the European Union on the socio-economic and technological developments taking place with respect to RFID, analysing prospects and barriers to RFID technologies, and the broader technological, economic, social and legal challenges, to come to a well-founded set of research and policy recommendations.

Description: The initial phase the projects will focus on state-of-the-art in RFID technology, technologies which when combined with RFID tags may enhance the use and adoption of RFID in the European Society, proposition of typology of RFID usage, RFID standards and RF spectrum allocation. The main research issues within the project are: RFID market, socio-economic and legislative aspects of widespread RFID deployment, security concerns, privacy aspect and individual liberties. In the project scenarios of RFID usage in different sectors will be analysed. Conclusions of the project will be related to specific policy options which can be proposed in order to get maximum profit from this emerging technology and avoid potential threats which it brings.

Policy relevance

The results of the project will be of high policy relevance and it is anticipated that they will have a considerable impact on European policy making process through feeding the commission's communication on RFID in Europe. Policy recommendations raised within the project may concern such aspects as: standards, spectrum allocation, regulations for the market, data protection issues, security, individual liberties.


  • TNO (NL)
  • Telecom Italia (IT)


Related Publication

  • Planned Final Report, March 2007


Project Leaders: Ioannis Maghiros and Pawel Rotter