SIMPHS 2 - Strategic Intelligence Monitor on Personal Health Systems

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The Strategic Intelligence Monitor on Personal Health Systems (SIMPHS) research started in 2009 with the analysis of the market for Remote Patient Monitoring and Treatment (RMT) within Personal Health Systems (PHS) from a supply side perspective. The objective was to assess the RMT market current size and future growth perspectives, provide an understanding of the market structure, innovation dynamics, types of market players involved and strategies followed, and ultimately identify market drivers and barriers as well as areas for policy action.

Following the conclusion of the first phase, in 2010-2012 the scope of the research was expanded so as to complement the supply side with a demand side approach, focusing on needs, demands and experiences made with PHS by healthcare producing units (e.g. hospitals, primary care centres), healthcare professionals, healthcare authorities and patients amongst others. In addition to RMT, telecare, mobile Health (mHealth) and fitness/ wellness applications were added to the scope of the research under the umbrella "Integrated Personal Health/care Services" (IPHS).

During the second phase (SIMPHS2) a series of activities were undertaken in order to:

  • assess market developments, update the findings of SIMPHS1 and identify new trends and developments
  • analyse patient / user demands through an online survey in 14 Member States, so as to provide insights on the use of ICT for health and impacts for policy
  • analyse the experiences made in selected EU Member States with IPHS deployment, so as to identify drivers and barriers on the path to mainstreaming telehealth and telecare
  • review the state of the art in terms of impact assessment so as to provide an overview of existing methodologies, their benefits and drawbacks and their appropriateness for assessing telehealth outcomes
  • define an extrapolation framework and key indicators to assess the impact of wider deployment of telehealth in Europe
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